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東方神起 FNS Gifs !!!

--♥ 東方神起 FNS Gifs ♥--

I really love to do gifs coz I think
It is a different post for Our readers ne ???
I really Hope U save all Gifs I do here ...

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--♥ 東方神起 Stand By U Performance ♥--

Ah !!! They sang so well !!!
They´re proving all the time they´re champions !!!
They cannot look for each other but they
prove all the time t´s doesn´t matter !!!
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I was wandered around my folder
and i saw these picX.. and suddenLy!!!
This idea pop ouT from my head.. LOL...
I just wanted to tell you that how pretty Junsu is...
hahahaha... Let's see... prepare!!!
I'm sure u will say..
"kawai" "he is so cute~~" "comelnya~~(in malay)" or "cute junsu"

Hahahaha... what ever.. Please enjoy these picX...^-^

Do u recognize this laugh??

(O-o) DUCKBUTT!!!!

Aha!! Which one is Junsu???
Can u tell me??
I will tell u the answer at the end of this post!! ^-^

Such a pretty baby... wanna have a baby like this... can i??

Junsu lovely laugh and smile...

Cant resist anymore!!!

Aigooo.... (-_-')...v

At d beach...

Aish... obviously the bigger one is Junho...

ChuBBy!!!!! *squeezing JunSu cheek*

Singing at his young age... He is born to sing..(",)

LOL... looks so handsome... handsome boy...

Cute!!! Cute!!! Cute!!! Cute!!! i mean Junsu

HAHAHAH... Finally... This is the answer...


(congrats to those who get the right answer ^0^)

Junsu oppa~~~ U such a cute baby..
No wonder ur parents named u as JUNSU

Have a nice day to all of u...

Hope to those who accidentally dividing TVXQ (Homin & JaeChunSu) was happy with their FNS... I think this is better than the last one.. ^,^

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東方神起 in FNS

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--♥ 東方神起 and SMAP Talk ♥--

Oh So cute to see them together again !!!
I´m so proud to be japanese coz
Here in Japan♥ we love 東方神起 so much!!!
They look happy ne ???

POsted By:Sayuri JaeJoong

--♥ BegginG and CuTie JunSu ♥--

JJ Do u want me
JSHyung I am shy
JJDo u need me? Tell me
JSOk ok i want you

He is a pure angle... Jaejoong oppa dont force Junsu...
haha... \0/ *get a very brutal kicked by Sayuri-chan*

Oucchhh~~ That's hurt Sayuri-chan.. hihihi (^.^)

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--♥ Tohoshinki In FNS Song Festival 2009 ♥--

I´m glad to see them together again !!!
They´re so elegant !!!
I LOVED all outfitts !!!


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