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[TRANS] 091102 With HTTG Nearing To An End,
Jung Yunho Receives Donation Gifts From Fans
With MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' coming to an end, actor Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) received a special gift from his fans.Jung Yunho has already visited his high school in Gwangju as well as a nursing home to donate in January and went back in July with friends to help out the community at an orphanage without telling anyone of such deeds so as not to draw attention. As the fans have seen him donating and helping out frequently and continuously, they have decided to donate as well.U-Know Yunho fansite 'WISH', who frequently donates or performs community service on U-Know Yunho's birthday, helped out kids in unfortunate conditions who wished to play soccer by donated to a project-based donation organization that aimed to help young children play soccer. On the 31st, they donated 1 million Won worth of soccer items to three soccer teams that were chosen by the MBC Dream Tree Soccer Foundation.The ability to donate and give back to society without the help of a company shows the strength of a star's influence, and the fans actions made everyone look back on the fandom culture that matures every day.We hope to see more celebrities and their fans give back to society as these people have done.Jung Yunho's debut drama 'Heading to the Ground' will end on November 4th.
Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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Thank U Our Readers !!!


I´d like to thank U for all our Readers here !!!
Some readers are silent readers but I know
exactly who enter and who exit here haha \0/ !!!
So I´d like to thank U always my readers...
Some bad people wanted to destroy Us with
inaproppriate words...
But it´s a shame for them obvious...
Thank U readers from C-box too :
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Thanks to my Twin Sister♥ who always believe in me !!!
YukariiChangmin♥ U´re the Older sister and Powerfull Owner too...
I said to U I will gain our Force and Honor back again !!!
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I simply LOVE U all !!!

As I said before and my sister too...
We Don´t need nothing more ne ???
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We´re always doing our hard work and
Won´t be a anybody who thinks is
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SYC said I did not put their credits...
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I think U must to check BETTER
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Did U see this people above ???
They´re from Soompi and they believe in ME and pay attention
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And I erceived too a thousand e-mails from our
And ´d like to thank U always for your sweet words !!!
Thank U for Believe in Me !!!
No need to talk more about this issue ...
I have GOD at my side so who will be against HIM♥ ???
I think nobody can against ne ???

Domo Arigato !!!

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--♥ Changmin and Yunho ♥--
--♥ Support SM Entertainment ♥--

Yunho and Changmin of DBSK/TVXQ
have stated that they are on SM Entertainment's
side on the legal dispute between
the company and other three members.
They said that they trust SME and will be
with them in the future. The two also gave
a deadline to other members,
saying that DBSK will come back to promote in
Korea next spring, so the other
three members must make a decision
before the 12th of this month.
The two members' thoughts
were delivered through a compiled document, which stated:
We five members of DBSK signed
the same contract with the same
clauses and for the past five years, and have
worked together under same
conditions with utmost trust in the company,
each other and our dreams. We intend to
share our dream and future
with the company and keep the promises
we made in the contract. DBSK was
made by SM and we intend to work as DBSK with SM.
No other company can create DBSK,
as only SM can provide the best
production and management team available.
The three members must know
better than anyone else that SM is the
one who knows DBSK the best and made DBSK the best.
We intend to keep trust and promise and
thus intend on staying with SME.
DBSK's grand future will be with SME.
We believe that our Korean promotion,
planned for next spring, should
be prepared at least six months
in advance before our future as one
DBSK becomes unclear. If the other
three members truly want to stay as one
DBSK, they must make a decision before it is too late.
They also commented on the beauty
product controversy which sparked this legal dispute:
The beauty product business changed everything,
" they stated, "We are not familiar
with the matters but we believe that a
legitimate company that seeks to do business with DBSK
must consult with SM first. It is common sense.
We did not get involved as getting involved
with a company that sought to do business without
SM would have meant that trouble
was ahead.We did not want the r
eputation and pride of DBSK,
earned by our hard work, to get
ruined by a beauty product company
that did not work in a legally respectable manner.
We are not aware of the contract
between that company and the three members,
nor do we know what those members
were told or how much they have earned
through their deal. What we do know is that the
fact that DBSK, forged together for
5 years by all of our dreams, have
fallen into the current state because of
an unethical company is simply unacceptable.
DBSK crumbling away like this, this is all
so unbelievable. It is sad to see that
this was all caused by some beauty
product company, and we hope that
the three members would come
back to the days when we were all
working hard for our dreams.
My Own Comment:
[Sayuri JaeJoong♥]
I still have faith in my Heart ...
I believe in good things,I believe in GOD,
I believe in all around the World Fans
I believe in our readers,
I believe in Cassies,
I believe in BIGEAST coz I am a BIGEAST !!!
I believe in Tohoshinki♥ !!!
Nothing to say anymore...
If U love Tohoshinki♥ as me ...
Just BELIEVE♥ !!!
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Awnnnn I really wanna squeeze him
He´s super cute kawaiiii!!!
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Cassiopeia 1st Single Album
Letters From Cassiopeia

So emotional this song ^-^
Cassies must be so proud of this !!!
I Hope one day the Bigeasts do this too ^-^Dozo♥

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My Favorite trio together __
Oh My Prince Shim O¬O

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Bigeastation #136 - Yunjaechun [2/2]

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