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Jaejoong visits Yuchun with
70 orders of chicken

TVXQ’s Jaejoong recently visited fellow member Yuchun on the set of his drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” with 70 orders of chicken in tow.

Unfortunately, due to Yuchun’s busy filming schedule, Jaejoong was only able to watch from afar as Yuchun recorded for the episode set to air on October 11th. After exchanging glances, Jaejoong left to eat chicken with actor Kang Sungpil.

Kang Sungpil uploaded a picture of him and Jaejoong on his personal Twitter and wrote, “Jaejoong came to support us on set.
He’s such a loyal brother, Hero Jaejoong.

Yuchun also expressed his thanks, stating, “I’m really thankful to Jaejoong hyung for visiting our filming set. Jaejoong hyung debuted as an actor before me and encourages me to do well since he believes ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ will be my turning point.”

Source: Sports Korea
Photo: Seoul News
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Malaysia JYJ Pre Sales Tickets

So cool to see malaysian fans happy ne ???
p18.jpg (73 KB)p6.jpg (70 KB)p7.jpg (69 KB)
p10.jpg (69 KB)p9.jpg (74 KB)p11.jpg (57 KB)
p8.jpg (66 KB)p12.jpg (69 KB)p13.jpg (68 KB)
p14.jpg (80 KB)p15.jpg (71 KB)p16.jpg (91 KB)
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JYJ "The Beginning"
Showcase World Tour 2010
in Singapore Update


JYJ "The Beginning" Showcase World Tour 2010 in Singapore Update
Date: 16th of October (Bangkok)
Time: To be advised
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3, Upper Changi District

From QUEST → Let's make this more exciting... If any one of you can make the right guess as to the total number of fans that would be coming to support and watch JYJ at the showcase, you would receive a backstage pass, courtesy of Quest ID.
We don't need exact figure. The one nearest to the final figure will be the lucky one!
We will provide an email address for you to submit your answer.



1. When would the pre-booking of tickets start?
- It would start on 4 Oct, Monday. Time to be advised. You may check our Facebook for any updates.

2. What do I need to prepare prior to the pre-booking?
- A user ID and password is required for you to pre-book the ticket. You should register as a free member now at Quest ID website and a user ID and password would be generated for you. An activation is required on your part and if you do not receive the activation email immediately, please check your spam mailbox first before informing to us.

3. What are the pre-booking procedures?
- Wait for the announcement regarding the start time on 4 Oct
- Go to www.quest-id.com and log in using your user ID and password
- Click on JYJ Showcase Tour Pre-order banner
- Read and accept the terms and conditions
- You are required to fill in your particulars including your full name, NRIC/passport number and contact number. Check that your personal particulars are correct and proceed to select your ticket category and number of ticket(s)
- Upon confirming your pre-booked ticket(s), you should receive a confirmation email stating your personal particulars, number of ticket(s), amount to pay and other details
- We will inform you the payment and collection date and time later

4. What should I do after my pre-booked ticket is confirmed?
- Please wait for our email regarding the payment and collection of ticket(s). The collection period would be between 6-8 Oct at a venue to be advised.

5. How many VIP tickets can I pre-book?
- Only ONE ticket per user ID. There are only 100 VIP tickets available for local and international fans. The system would not allow you to log out and then log in to pre-book again.

6. How many tickets can I pre-book for CAT A-D tickets?
- Up to a maximum of FOUR tickets per user ID only regardless of category. For example, if you have pre-booked two CAT A tickets for the first transaction and then decide to pre-book additional tickets (be it VIP, CAT A-D) later, the system would allow you to log in again to do the transaction up to a total limit of FOUR tickets only regardless of the number of transactions performed.

7. How do you allocate the seats for each category?
- There is NO selection of seats. The system would generate a ticket number based on a first-come-first-serve basis. A seat number would be allocated to you and all the details would be printed on the ticket. There is NO need for you to rush or queue overnight when collecting the ticket.

8. If the tickets are sold out for a category I want to pre-book, would I be offered a ticket for the next available category?
- Yes, the system would link you to a new pre-booking page for you to select your choice of categories.

9. What are the payment methods available?
- For local fans, we only accept CASH payment upon collection of the ticket and we DO NOT accept any other forms of payment including internet banking. For international fans, the deadline for you to pre-book the ticket is 10 Oct unless it is sold out. You are required to do a telegraphic transfer (TT) to us and we MUST receive your payment within 3 days or your pre-booked ticket would be cancelled. Our bank details can be found in the confirmation email.

10. What if I cannot collect the pre-booked ticket on the stipulated date?
- You MUST make an effort to turn up on the ticket collection day due to the shortage of time before the event. We reserve the right to release your pre-booked ticket without further notice if you fail to collect it.

11. Can I authorize a third party to collect my pre-booked ticket on my behalf?
- No. We cannot make any exception.

12. What must I bring on the ticket collection day?
- You MUST print a copy of the ticket confirmation email and bring it along together with your NRIC/student pass (for local fans) or passport/work permit/FIN (for international fans currently based in Singapore) for verification. We cannot make any exception to release the pre-booked ticket if your personal particulars are different from your NRIC/sudent pass/passport/work permit/FIN.

13. Would you release my pre-booked ticket if I don't turn up on the ticket collection day?
- Yes, and you would need to pre-book the ticket again subject to availability.

14. What happens if I lose my ticket?
- Unfortunately, we cannot replace any loss ticket and there would be no refund.

15. Are banners allowed in the concert hall?
- We would appreciate if you refrain from bringing in big banners to the concert hall that would obstruct the view of the other fans behind you. While we do not stop anyone from supporting JYJ in this manner, our security personnel would use their own discretion to decide if your banner is causing any obstruction or not and you would be asked to remove it.

16. How do you differentiate between local and international fans?
- Local fans should possess an NRIC/student pass while international fans should hold a passport/work permit/FIN. Such document MUST be produced when collecting the ticket.

17. Would JYJ merchandise and CDs be sold at the venue on the event day?
- We are unable to confirm now but we understand that JYJ merchandise would be sold on that day. Announcement would be made when we have the details.

18. How could international fans who are not based in Singapore collect the pre-booked ticket?
- After the payment is received, you would receive an acknowledgement email from us and you could collect the ticket personally at the venue on 16 Oct. You would need to produce your passport/work permit/FIN together with the printed copy of the confirmation email. We would advise you the collection time.

19. Are cameras and recording devices allowed in the concert hall?
- We have no instruction from the artiste management yet. We would inform you when we have the details.

20. Would you publish JYJ's flight details?
- Yes, when we have confirmed the details.

21. When would be the photoshoot and handshake take place for fans who have purchased the VIP tickets?
- We would arrange this session before the showcase. We would inform you when we have confirmed the details.

22. Would there be other activities for JYJ other than the showcase?
- No, but there would be a press conference for the media only.

23. Which category of tickets is tiered seats?
- CAT C and D only.

24. If I pre-book the ticket with my friend, would we be seated together?
- It depends on the number of tickets you have pre-booked. If you have pre-booked more than two tickets using the same user ID, the chances of you and your friend seated together are high. However, we cannot guarantee because the system assigns the seat numbers in running order based on first-come-first-serve basis.

25. Can Quest ID arrange for a few ticket collection centres?
- No, it is not possible because the system would have assigned the seat numbers and we wouldn't know which centre you would turn up to collect the ticket if we have various collection points. Therefore, we would arrange a venue in the city that is convenient for every one.

26. After registering for the free membership at Quest ID portal, why I have not received the activation email?
- The email may have gone into your spam mailbox. Please check and if you still didn't receive it, email and let us know.


(Information is correct as at 2 Oct, 2010 / Seating plan and its measurements may subject to changes in the event of an increase in the number of fans attending)

QUEST ID MANAGEMENT PTE LTD (hereinafter called "QUEST ID") and its associates reserve the right to make changes on this site, including change in content, information, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is accurate. However, changes to the information may have occurred since going online. Reference, third-party(s) postings or information herein to QUEST ID and its associates do not imply any responsibility on their part for such information. Information is accurate at the time of publication, to the best of our knowledge. QUEST ID and its associates shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage, loss, injury or inconvenience arising in connection with the contents of this site.

For minors, parental consent is required and QUEST ID and its associates shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage, loss, injury or inconvenience arising in connection with the contents of this site.

Source: QUEST's Facebook + Event Page + FAQ
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JYJ On Monthly Album Ranking

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JYJ "The Beginning"
Showcase World Tour 2010
in Bangkok Update

JYJ "The Beginning" Showcase World Tour 2010 in Bangkok Update
Date: 15th of October (Bangkok)
Time: Doors open at 6PM, show starts at 7
Venue: Impact Challanger 3, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok
Organiser: Komy Asia Co., Ltd.

→ There are 12,000 tickets all in all.
→ 4500 and 3500 baht tickets are now SOLD OUT; 2500 baht - soon.
→ All tickets are being made available to the public today (today's not a pre-selling). If there are left-over tickets, you can get them here: http://www.totalrese...om/th/main.aspx

Source: Komy Asia + THEPEPX @ Twitter
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Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun to Appear
on "Late Show with David Letterman"

According to Synnara Records naver site, JYJ are going on the David Letterman Show (aka Late Show with David Letterman)



"More exclusive than the fact that Kanye West and Dark Child are featured in JYJ's album~ They (JYJ) will be going on the David Letterman show and sing a song at the ending. It will be the first time for a Korean to go on the show. (at this rate, it doesn't seem impossible anymore that JYJ have a good chance of succeeding on the billboard charts.)

Source: Synnara Records and @saemnang (for pointing it out)
Translation: soribreak @ LJ
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