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[VIDEO]110111 CDTV - TOP-50 Singles of 2010 in Japan

Credits:CDTV +oknihC
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[AUDIO]110111 JYJ for 'Nature Republic'

Junsu Sound Clip For 'Nature Republic'

Yuchun Sound Clip For 'Nature Republic'

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[INFO] 110111 Tohoshinki Releases Cover of Japanese Version of "Why?" Along with the Tracks

Popular group Tohoshinki will be releasing their comeback album in Japan. After a long and slow wait, Tohoshinki has finally returned to the Korean music scene. Also, for the Japanese version of the album 'Why? (Keep Your Head Down)', fans can start buying the Japanese album from the 26th of January onwards.

01. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
02. Maximum
03. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) -Night Rod Man Regeneration Mix- (CD only exclusive)
04. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) -Less Vocal-
05. Maximum -Less Vocal-

01. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (PV)
02. Off Shot Movie (First Press Only)

Source: tvxqlover.com + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[NEWS] 110108 Xiah Junsu and Ock Joo-hyun ranked top musical stars of 2010

Align Center
Interpark announced top ticket sales and rankings for the calendar year
Surh Jung-min

The most popular actor and actress in the 2010 musical market were 24-year-old Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Jin-su) and 31-year-old Ock Joo-hyun, while 46-year-old actor Seo Hyun-chul and 24-year-old actress Moon Geun-young boasted the strongest box office power in the category of theater. Interpark, South Korea’s largest ticket reservation site, announced these results and others Friday following an analysis of 2010 ticket sales by genre, ticket sales and ranking points for shows featuring different performers, and popularity votes from Internet users.

The pieces named as the top box office performers were “Mozart!” in the musical category, “Kim Jang-hoon & Psy’s ‘One Touch’” in the concert category, and “Stevie Wonder in Korea” in the overseas tour category.

Kim Jun-su, a former member of the popular teen idol group TVXQ who debuted on the musical stage in “Mozart!” in January 2010, had a close battle with Cho Seung-woo, who returned to the musical stage with “Jekyll & Hyde” in December following his discharge from military service, but finished first in terms of featured appearances, sales numbers, and online voting.

-irrelevant info omitted-

Source: The Hankyoreh
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
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[AKP] 110111 JYJ Junsu’s star power shown through “Tears of Heaven” ticket sales

JYJ’s Junsu (who recently began preparations for his second musical, “Tears of Heaven“) has demonstrated his influence on ticket sales once more.

The production company of the musical, Seol Company, revealed, “Tickets for ‘Tears of Heaven’ were available for the second time, and within 3 minutes and 30 seconds, all 13,000 seats were sold out. This is a new record compared to the first, in which all 15,000 seats were sold out in the first five minutes.”

Seol Company expressed that they believed the popularity of “Tears of Heaven” was possible because of Junsu’s fans. The musical previously made headlines, as fans auctioned off tickets for up to $1,300 USD; the singer was also chosen as the #1 male actor for the “2010 Golden Ticket Power” poll on InterparkINT.

“Tears of Heaven” will begin playing on February 1st.

Source: Sports Khan via Naver

Source: ALLKpop
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 101011 avex Ranking


(Spot trans)
As of January 11, 2011

Site Access ranking
4. Tohoshiki official

CD Ranking
1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (Bigeast Version, CD single), Tohoshinki
3. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (CD single + DVD), Tohoshinki
4. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (CD single), Tohoshinki

DVD Ranking
1. Memories in 2010 / THANKSGIVNG LIVE IN DOME LIVE CD (2DVD + 4CD, with benefits when purchased in set), JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN
2. Memories in 2010 (2DVD), JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN

Goodies Ranking

Cellular Phone Download Ranking (Partial Song)

Cellular Phone Download Ranking (Whole Song)

Ringtone Ranking
6. Are you a Good girl? , Tohoshinki

Source: avex network
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 110110 JYJ Who Had the Best Sales, Why Didn’t They Attend Any Music Shows?

From idol group TVXQ, Kim JunSu, Kim JaeJoong, and Park YooChun have left SM Entertainment and formed a new group called ‘JYJ.’ Although they have released their first album “The Beginning” last year in October, they have yet to attend any music shows or variety shows. Estimated to have sold 350,000 copies of their album and topping music charts, this is already quite a shocking result, and yet, they weren’t given a chance to attend any music shows to perform and they could only sing on programs that aren’t related to music.

As an actor, Park YooChun has acted in “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” appeared on KBS Live Newstime on the 30th of December, KBS Drama Awards on the 31st, and KBS Speedy Source on the 1st of January 2011. All are non-music related shows.

Are the broadcasting companies scared? This unusual situation for JYJ, who is having a dispute with SM Entertainment, being not able to appear on any music show has been the talk of the town. At each chart shown in Korea, JYJ is always there, but the three main broadcasting companies have never once shown JYJ on their music charts.

The morning news show that SBS recorded on the 27th of December was planned for release on the 5th of January 2011; however, up until now, it has yet to be aired, and this has caught the attention of many. Is SBS under the pressure of broadcasting it? An SBS production team representative commented, “A recorded show’s broadcast date having sudden changes is considered a normal thing. JYJ’s show has indeed been delayed, but we will be airing it on the 19th or the 20th.”

JYJ’s agency C-JeS said, “Production teams of variety shows haven’t approached us asking for the appearance of JYJ. Even if they did, they would drop us after, which is why we are no longer looking forward to anything.”

Source: The Hankyoreh
Translation: mel @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[PHOTO]110111 Yuchun Jack&Jill Endorsement

Credits:baidu+jack&jill korea+astagged.
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This is one of the most beautiful Photobooks of Tohoshinki
and a friend of mine asked me to turn it avaliable for download ^-^
Then Here goes for you Misuchiru and everyone
Click on Image to start the download

Credits:baidu +TVXQPOWERFULGODS日本FanBlog
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[Fancam]110111 TVXQ small fanmeeting - Changmin talk

This fancam is from 110108 ^^
Is good to see Minnie smiling again !

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[PHOTO]110111 HOMIN (Shooting Running Man Episode 27)

Credits:astagged+ TypeB + hominhome + BAIDU
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[PHOTOS]110111 Tohoshinki for Elle Girl

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Credits:astagged + baidu
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Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee
Changmin and Yoo Ha Na
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[TRANS] 110111 Junsu's Korean-American Musical Production - 10,000 Tickets Sold In 5 Mins

With both countries joining hands, will this send a message
of hope to the Korean musical scene?

The musical [Tears of Heaven], which opens from the first of next month in the Haeorum Theatre at The National Theatre of Korea, is the most highly anticipated piece of work in 2011. The planning period itself took 3 years. The production cost was also more than 5 billion won. Composer Frank Wildhorn, producer Gabriel Berry and famous Broadway creators have been involved. What's unique is that the team and overseas creative team is made up of people who come from 5 different countries, like the United States, Britain and the Czech Republic.

The setting for [Tears of Heaven] is the Vietnam War. There is also a larger picture beyond the love triangle involving a Vietnamese girl, a Korean soldier and an American general. From the planning stage, they were already targeting global expansion.

What's also out of the norm, is that the soundtrack was released before the opening performance. It is becoming a hot topic that one of the world's finest musical actors Brad Little (47), and Kim Junsu (24), who is evolving as a musical actor, will be standing on the same stage.

◆[Jealous of Kim Junsu] = A foreign actor appearing in a musical produced in Korea? This is another unusual point about [Tears of Heaven]. Brad Little will take on the role of the American general. The intention was to portray it as realistically as possible and because he is Brad Little, he was chosen without any objection.

Brad Little has undertaken the role of the lead in more than 2,200 performances of [The Phantom of the Opera] and he is also of the most leading Broadway actors of the highest standard. The full volume of his voice and the rich, appealing power of the colour of his tone makes hearts tremble. He has also secured a large fanbase through his participation in [The Phantom of the Opera] in 2005 and [Jenkyll and Hyde] in 2009.

The interview with Little and Kim Junsu was held on the 10th, at the Seoul Namsan Arts Center. Such a question was asked, "As the language is different, are there any difficulties with communicating?"

Kim Junsu replied, "It's the same as the Korean soldier who was dispatched to Vietnam and didn't have a good grasp of English. Although it is somewhat lacking, I did it comfortably with the thought that it would be more natural this way." Little replied, "There's no problem at all during production. In all honesty, it is a little inconvenient in the process of working. However, the tension that comes from the differences in languages and culture is what motivates me. It's also interesting to learn random "konglish" (English mixed with Korean). After this, I'd still like to take part in a Korean musical."

Making his debut in 1988 in [Anything Goes], Little is a veteran with 23 years of experience under his belt. In contrast, although Kim Junsu has enjoyed the highest form of popularity in Asia as a member of TVXQ, he is still a rookie as this is only his second musical after being casted for [Mozart!] last year. Won't there be a difference?

Little shook his head and said, "My jealousy for (Kim Junsu's) completely passionate performance showed." He said, "He's excellent in pulling in the females, to the extent that I want to imitate him."Kim Junsu replied, "It's a great honour just to stand on the same stage as Little, who I've only seen on videos (until now)." He clarified, "(Little) is very serious even with the small parts and doesn't take it lightly. When he's acting angry, even the practice room becomes cold. Intense energy gushes out and I can feel myself sucked into his acting. His voice, (noticing) his partner's breathing, even how he manages his health, I want to emulate all of that."

◆[I want to watch over that authenticity] = Little seems to have become half Korean himself. He said, "Kimbap (seaweed rice rolls), kimchijeon (kimchi pancakes) and bulgogi (marinated beef) are really delicious." He is also aware that he is given the nickname "Bread ahjusshi (uncle)" in Korea because of the similar pronunciation of his name to the English word "bread".

As expected, the key to good singing is still something to be anxious about. "I'll read the lyrics over and over again. From there, a unique rhythm is born. From there, I attach the melody of the song (to it). How well you sing it, how you tell the story, will show the charm of the musical number. He also hinted that for his next musical, he would love to do [The Man of La Mancha].

Through 15 performances of [Mozart!], Kim Junsu has sold out 45,000 tickets. This time too, his ticket power remained the same. Towards the end of last year, during the first round of ticket sales, a record was born when he sold out 10,000 tickets in just 5 minutes from the start of ticket sales.

One can also see that he is completely immersed in musicals. "The energy and emotions from musicals set my heart aflame with delight. Not being myself, transforming into another person; and not just acting, but singing and dancing, the actions and behaviours are all taken into consideration together and because of this, musicals embrace all the different aspects of the arts."

He also clearly answered the difference from singing (as a singer). "Previously, we had to show our abilities when we sing a song, but in doing musicals, I'm learning how important the virtue of 'moderation' is."

Kim Junsu used the word "authenticity" many times. "I've dreamed of being a musical actor since my childhood. Although I'm still lacking, I want to be recognized as a musical actor. I'm concentrating on carrying through authenticity and love in the musical. I want to show that I have made progress."

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo (1) (2)]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 110107 JYJ Participates In A Book Campaign - Jaejoong Recommends A Japanese Author


Popular Korean group 「JYJ」 will be participating in 「Samsung Share a Book Everyday Campaign」. This was confirmed by Samsung Campaign's press relations company,
Prain on the 7th.

Prain explained, "In this campaign, JYJ will participate through Samsung's blog, and recommend "a book of hope" which holds a special meaning to themselves." The books that 「JYJ」 recommend, along with books chosen for the campaign will be gathered and donated to a choir for the disabled.

Jaejoong recommended author Suzuki Hideko's「辛いときはただ泣きなさい」(Just Cry During Tough Times), Junsu recommended poet Jung Ho Seung's「내 인생에 힘이 되어준 한마디」(A Word That Gave Me Strength In My Life) and Yoochun recommended photographer Jo Seon Hui's「힐링포토」(Healing Photo).

Jaejoong, who recommended Suzuki Hideko's「辛いときはただ泣きなさい」, expressed this thoughts on the book, saying that "the line 'Be grateful for everything on Earth' hit home "and "after reading this book, you feel that if you look at everything positively, your life can be beautiful".

On the other hand, Yoochun revealed, "I have all of his books in my study, but I keep 「힐링포토」in my room." He also added "Some years ago, when I felt very beaten down, I received the book as a farewell present from the one who gave me strength." Junsu said, "Feeling the importance of "A Word" and understanding the need to be alert when I talk", and recommended 「내 인생에 힘이 되어준 한마디」.

Through sites like Twitter, net users can participate and the members also sent this message, "Even in tough times, we want the members of the choir, who continued with music (despite everything), to read the recommended books and feel happiness and hope."

In this same campaign, net users can choose "a book of hope" along with stars, and donate books to low-income earners, childcare centres and people who have a lesser chance at contact with books.

Source: [Wow!Korea]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 110111 Junsu "Compared To Last Year, This Year, I Want To Laugh More"


Junsu, who made his musical debut in [Mozart!] last year, will be returning to the musical scene with the first run of [Tears of Heaven] in February.

On the 10th at the Seoul Namsan Arts Center, he attended the open rehearsal for the musical. On that day, Junsu and his duet partner, Davichi's Lee Haeri, enthusiastically sang "I've never loved like this". They acted out the happiness between lovers and also showed the kiss scene, garnering the attention of the press.

In response to the Star News interview, Junsu showed his ambition, "Right now, I want to devote my best to the musical and really gather my concentration (in this field). However, I also want to take up the challenge of performing in other fields some day."

However, towards the end of the interview, a question about TVXQ came up and his expression clouded in an instant.

He said frankly, "Even if I want to talk about it, I'm not sure about it myself. What will happen after this, what will happen to the present circumstances; I don't know as well."

Also, after the words " "However, the many criticisms... " he said, "As we keep saying, compared to last year, we only hope that there will be a bit more good reports this year."

He also expressed his simple wish, "In the past, we've always talked about our wishes. But now, compared to those thoughts, compared to 2010, for 2011 I'll be glad if there can be more days filled with laughter, and I want to be a little bit more happy." Furthermore, he emphasized, "In order for that to be possible, I think I have to put in a bit more effort in everything I do. That's all."

Source: [STARNEWS/chosunonline]
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[TRANS] 110110 Brad Little - "Junsu Is A Sexy And Handsome Young Man"

On January 10 at Seoul's Namsan Arts Center, 'Tears of Heaven' actor Brad Little complimented Kim Junsu in an interview at today's open rehearsal press conference, full with feelings of anticipation towards his fellow musical co-star.

"Junsu is a sexy and handsome young man who has interpreted the character Joon very well, so he really suits the role. There was a scene where I had to be angry at him, but because I was so immersed in the role, I felt a sense of jealousy for him. An American pop singer, Cher, received the an Oscar award through a musical, so for Junsu, I believe that something similar will happen to him too."

He also added, "As this is my first time acting with Junsu, but I think it has been a really great idea. When we act together, it's very interesting. There are many American pop singers who have gone into musicals as well."

As a primary musical actor for Broadway with his world-renown role of the Phantom in 'Phantom of the Opera', Brad Little emphasized that, "An aptitude that a musical actor must have is the ability to present their acting naturally on-stage in front of an audience. Junsu does this particularly well. Second is the ability to communicate with the audience. As a singer, Junsu frequently has that type of exchange with the audience, so there's no ounce of doubt in that aspect."

Lastly, he added, "Junsu has a beautiful heart. Whether it's practice or acting on-stage, he is able to naturally convey his emotions to the audience, so it's not a problem for them to identify him as an actor. The age-range for Junsu's fans will definitely increase through this musical."

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[PHOTO]110111 HOMIN STALK PICTURES(Shooting Running Man Episode 27)

Credits: blognaver/jyh0206o_o
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[PHOTOS]110110 Tears of Heaven Official Rehearsal PART 9

Check all previous parts here ↓
792.jpg (419 KB)790.jpg (348 KB)789.jpg (559 KB)
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[NEWS]110111 JYJ’s Junsu and “Tears of Heaven” cast holds press conference

JYJ’s Junsu and other cast mates attended the press conference for their musical, “Tears of Heaven,” held at Yejang-dong at 1 PM KST on January 10th.

The rehearsal room for the musical was open to reporters, and a total of six scenes were rehearsed including “The Morning is Coming,” “I’ve Never Loved Like This,” “I Had to Learn,” “Ominous Feelings Falling Like Rain,” “Without Her,” and “Do You Hear Me?”

Junsu stated, “‘Mozart‘ was a time of trial and error for me. The way we sing for musicals is different from regular singing. I later found out that the audience members sitting in the back couldn’t hear me sing for ‘Mozart.’”

He continued, “I’m slowly improving, as I’m still learning. I’m not quite sure how to express this, but I will be trying my best to hear that I’ve improved compared to ‘Mozart.’ Please look forward to a lot of my unique sides.”

When asked about his current condition, he answered, “I’m not in my best condition, but it’s okay. I feel like I’m going to come down with a fever and my throat is itching, but it’s not enough to impact my performance. I’m doing my best to make sure my throat maintains the best condition.”
Regarding his sweet kiss scene with Davichi’s Lee Haeri, the two actors shied away with red faces. Junsu started, “‘Mozart’ had about four kiss scenes, and there’s about two to three in ‘Tears of Heaven.’ I have wondered whether my fans will be okay with it, but it’s not just a simple kiss scene, and I naturally get into it as I fall into my role. We’ve never really actually kissed up until today. I’m apologetic towards Lee Haeri.”
Brad Little commented, “American pop singer Cher won an Oscar award through her musical. I believe that Junsu will achieve similar results. He’s young and handsome, and even sexy. He fits well with his role. I have to act angry towards him in the script, and my emotions are based off of the jealousy I feel against him. When I first heard that Junsu was acting, I thought it was a great idea. The idea of being able to act with him is interesting.”
He continued, “The first skill that a musical actor must learn is to stand naturally before an audience and show off his acting. Junsu is so great at that. The second is communicating with the audience. Maybe it’s because Junsu has done it all along with his career as a singer, but there’s nothing he falls short on in that aspect. Junsu has a beautiful heart; audience members will find no problem in feeling the emotions he’ll be delivering. His large fanbase has created a wider audience range for this musical as well.”
Junsu was later asked, “It seems like there’s a lot of difficult things going on right now, who gives you the most strength?” He replied, “Our JYJ members and our fans give us a lot of strength. And being able to work on a project like ‘Tears of Heaven’ is helpful as well.”

“Tears of Heaven,” featuring Junsu, Brad little, Yoon Gong Ju, Jung Sang Yoon, Jung Dong Seok, Lee Haeri and others will open on February 1st and play through March 19th.

Source + Photos: Asia Economy, Everyday Economy, Newsis, Herald Economy, EDaily, Newsen, Newsen via Daum (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
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