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Ahhh Can You see his New Tattoo ?
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--♥ Always Keep The Faith Junsu ♥--

This last week was very
hard for everybody ne???
But Junsu♥ is using this necklace...
Is beautifull of Course but now it´s
More beautifull coz Junsu♥ really proves
to have Faith in Us [His Fans]
Oh so emotion in my heart...
Beautifull ne???
Most beautifull coz it has a special value !!!
A priceless value...
Our Faith !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Xiah has Hoki and Shaki as Daddy !!!

--♥ Hoki [Junsu´s Dog] Is Daddy too ♥--

Haha \0/ !!! Everybody just know
Shaki [Junsu´s Dog] ne???
But Junsu♥ has Hoki♥ too and he said in his
Cyworld Hoki♥ is daddy too !!!
So cute ne???
But the ask is :
Do U want make a baby too ???
LOL !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong
Yunho - ???

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~Yunki Yunho~


Yunho - A-nation

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~Yunki Yunho~


Tohoshinki was in the Script for "Goong/Princess Hours"

--♥ Tohoshinki In Script of A Drama ♥--

Do U remember Han Hyo Joo♥ from
Heaven´s Postman JaeJoong♥ Pair , right???
So she´s a famous actress and she made
this drama called Princess Hours
And in the Script U can see who appears???
read in subb TVXQ♥ \0/ !!!
Enjoying this post I´m really crazy to watch
Heaven´s Postman♥ soon !!!
Credits:Tvxq Baidu
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Sayuri JaeJoong


I have to confess...
I thought this letter so touching...
JaeJoong♥ is always so dedicated with
another members and isn´t a new for
who knows truelly JaeJoong♥
He plays ,he laughs , he´s a good buddy
for everytime!!!
I´m very proud of Him♥
Coz He NEVER desappoint no one !!!
"Words" - A letter Jaejoong wrote
for the members.
"You are my tattoo" is a letter
Jaejoong wrote for the members
during their fourth album..
Jae, you make one feel heart pain,
I feel like crying again..

Note: This is not a new one
but during the Mirotic Period.
It has been rather low profile and
was only released recently.

Jaejoong say:

To: YoochunYoochun, you don't say much usually but
writing this down using these kind of words
make me a little embarrassed.
I know you have been very tired recently,
worried and forcing a smile out -
I feel sorry.
We are always together and the other
members are unable
to see your sadness but the hard words
have to be said out.
If you're tired, tell me, I will help you.
I will also listen to all your troubles because
I am always by your side. You can tell me anything
and everything - the soul of my life.
Yoochun, I love you.

To: Junsu My cute Junsu. Because of you,
we are DBSK;
Junsu, the sound of DBSK.
Kim Junsu, hyung really
thinks you're important, do you know?
I have never forced you to do
anything and you have
always treatedd me seriously.
Sorry, but
I love you, my cute little brother, Junsu.
Thank you, and sorry,
as comapred to many others,
hyung really understand your past,
and wants to help you
and that is why please continue working hard!
I love you, Junsu!

To: Changmin Our small and cute cat,
we haven't been
making you do the cooking recently, sorry.
Because of you, we have almost
become closer, frustrating.
However, we totally understand
it is due to your fatigue
and your lost energy when
you occasionally tease us
and command us to do stuff.
We are all almost crazy.. haha..
always with a good heart
and full of innocence, Changmin.
You must continue working hard next time.
We are always protecting you, if you're tired,
you must say it and we will help you.
Forever the youngest,
I love you.

To: Yunho Jung yunho, Yunho, Yunho,
our leader, Yunho.
Are you tired recently? My, Yun, Ho,
the reason he became
the leader is because he has to tolerate
all the hardships.
Whenever I see your fatigue body,
I think that way.
I want to help shoulder some burden but
am always unable to..
I know when we received the award,
the other members
were crying but you were holding it
in and only hid in
the toilet and cry when we reached home.
Therefore, thank you for your letter but what was
the content in the letter?
"Sleep earlier, if you don't sleep I will kill you.."
Yunho, there would not be me if not for you.
My other half, Yunho, I love you.

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♥Changmin and his Such a Beautiful Family♥

I know very few people know the family of Changmin.
Then resolve to do a post showing from whom
he inherited so much beauty ... hahahaha

My guess? Mom ^ _ ^

♥Prince Shim and His Mommy♥
♥Prince Shim and His Daddy♥
♥Prince Shim and His Sisters♥

♥Yoochun's Mobile Phone Chain♥
Awn >_<" SoOoO Cute this Phone Chain
It´s An Anime Character LOL

Credits: MickyBaidu