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Chunnie Stalk Pictures
In Korea

credits: as tagged


Credits: as tagged

Thank U Our Readers!!!

--♥ DOMO ARIGATO Our Readers ♥--

I´m Sayuri JaeJoong♥ from
TVXQ Powerfull Gods !!!
I´d like to say fr our readers
Thank You so Much my friends !!!
Everyday our Team work very hard to do
posts and Updates all everytime here Just
For You who deserve it !!!
And today I´ll voted as always in our Blog
and My eyes shed tears...
Coz Our blog is number 30 in
Diromo Ranking...
I know nmaybe a thousand bad people
will laugh so much for this number
But for Us it´s a Victory !!!
And I wanted to thank You fr this number !!!
Keep vting everyday in Powerfull Gods if U
realy love our Blog !!!
We make our posts with so love for our boys!!!
We´re just 3 authors sometimes it´s very hard ...
Let´s remember the names who´s
behind this beautifull and so creative posts???

--♥ YukariiChangmin ♥--

She´s my twin sister and Ownner of
She´s always treating so serious issues...
As exchange links with famous sites and
always working in ou layout ...
She´s Changmin♥´s authors, Yoochun♥´s author
and Yunho♥´s author too !!!
I love My Sister so much and I admire
her so much too coz she always help me
in my terrible ENGRISH LOL !!!

--♥ FiFFy JunJun ♥--

God this girl is unbelieveble...
She´so efforted girl so inteligent
our Cute baby here !!!
She´s Junsu♥´s author and she do it with so
great responability for Us...
FiFFy JunJun♥ is a simple girl as We are...
I never sai it before FiFFy Chan♥
But I´m very proud of your Work !!!
Coz U are a POWERFULL Author !!!

--♥ Sayuri JaeJoong ♥--

I am this so strange person LOL !!!
I´m always posting is very common
is see everybody laughing
in our c-box and I laugh just when it´s possible LOL !!!
Coz I´m a workholic in Powerfull Gods!!!
I really has the vicious of work LOL !!!
I´m inquiet and I love to do what I do here !!!
I am JaeJoong´s author and Yunho´s author too!!!
I love to do videos too so sometimes when
I want to work more I always give a Gift for
My Readers as videos or gifs too!!!

It was all just to say...
How´s hard our work bu We do this
with all our LOVE an Dedication !!!
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for
30 Ranking !!!

More JaeJoong In Shangai Pics !!!

--♥ More JaeJoong In Shangai Pics ♥--

JaeJoong♥ here so happy ne???
So I´m happy too coz he is my life !!!
JaeJoong♥ so beautifull as always ne???
He looks a print !!!
Ahhh Pouty lipsv !!!
I LOVED this beanie !!!
JaeJoong♥ has so larger shoulders ne ???
I love it !!!
Look...Just look s perfect he is...
LOL JaeJoong♥´s Butt !!!
My God LOL !!! Well...Hum...
I know he´s perfect but I prefer to look for
arms or maybe chests LOL !!!
Shared By:
♥ Sayuri JaeJoong ♥

Tohoshink Back !!!

--♥ Tohoshinki Back ♥--

They´re backing now...
Once again my boys working and they´re leaving all
Chinese people...Arigato Gozaimasu China♥ for
Your support ...I think this Mirotic Concert in Shangai was
very important for them♥ !!!
Coz They needed to be together 5 again on stage,
They needed to show for SM who rules ,
They needed t show who´s fills stadiums !!!

Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong