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--♥ Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update ♥--

2010-02-17 18:10:56


Today is the release date of the "BEST SELECTION 2010".
I couldn’t wait for the CD which would be sent to me, and bought one by myself. (Lol)

I wanted to go and see the excitement in Shibuya, but it turned out that I bought one in a nearby TSUTAYA (T/N: CD shop).
Of course I bought the 2CD+DVD version.
The original benefit was the desktop calendar. (Lol)

I was delighted by Changmin’s comments for "Beautiful you", in the the members’ selected songs.
(T/N: Click here for Changmin’s comments)

I won’t write in detail since it will be a spoiler…but the person playing the guitar is, me!

kyakkya , kyakkya~~~

And, thank you for all of your comments and feedbacks to the song "With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~"

I am hearing the song writing this article, and when I think of everyone’s comments…I am almost in tears.

(few sentences omitted)

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Totally Funny ne ???
I though it so funny !!!
Imagine Cat men haha \0/ !!!
Ahhh But They are true cats u.U"

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--♥ Yunho GQ Magazine Issue ♥--

Yunho♥ Looks superrrrr Handsome in GQ pics !!!
My GOD why This man is so Perfect T^T ???
Yunho♥ is always so beautiful !!!
Super Lucky JaeJoong♥ LOL !!!
[Don´t throw no one stone I love JaeHo♥]

This is my favorite pic !!!ImageHost.org

Credits: MANDDANG+baidu
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--♥ [Trans] Kikuchi PD Column ♥--
--♥ MUSIC FAIR Tohoshinki 5th Anniversary Special ♥--

On the February 27th, MUSIC FAIR Saturday evening at 06:00 pm
will broadcast TVXQ 5th anniversary commemoration special.

Starting their first appearance with Begin in June 2006, and now after 3 years and a half, they already made 14 times appearances with 26 songs performances, and if their collaboration with Koda Kumi in Last Angel single is included, then in total there are 15 broadcast performances, making the show to have their most appearances in Japan. From the first performance stage and commercial talk section with Koda Kumi, to solo appearances last year, including the talk with question about the almost splitting incident among members and cover songs collaboration performances, the show will be indeed a treasure box.

I’m the one who is responsible with the decision for any appearances which will have TV broadcast at Music Fair, and Tohoshinki has been actively requested to perform. Two years ago, to celebrate 2200 memorial concert where being the former music live performance that time, it was perhaps Purple Line the first song which they performed with live band in Japan. While Elephant Kashimashi “今宵の月のように / Like The moon tonight (Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni)” was supposed to be their first cover song.

They really can sing, steady, bright, and they’re so good looking (laughs). Further more, in the studio waiting room as they wiped sweat with the shirt, looked so handsome and revealed their well-built chest, these 5 people seriously watching the playback recording while relaxing their legs.

Last year, they also appeared at ‘Our Music’ and ‘FNS Music Festival’. At the rehearsal of live performance ‘Rainy Blue’ which was filled with anxiety, in the end Hideaki Tokunaga-san commented, “Perfect.”

To the day of these 5 members with much professionalism x group voice to create another high quality music, we’re still looking forward to that.

credit: chara1019
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--♥ FanMade JaeHo Videos ♥--

Amu JaeJoongie♥ sweet and delicate always this time she made
a "Combo" from JaeHo♥ haha \0/ !!!
beautiful and sweet as always Amu JaeJoongie♥ !!!
Domo Arigato !!!
Let´ps enjoy coz I LOVED IT !!!

JaeHo Perfecto Love 赤いスイートピー Part 1

JaeHo Perfecto Love 赤いスイートピー Part 2


Video Maker:Amu JaeJoongie
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--♥ JaeJoong Pics ViVi Magazine ♥--

He´s simply SEXY As always !!!
My God I can imagine this man
calling a girl for his room !!!

This man is simply a BOMB !!!
He has so beautiful body !!!
Gosh I´m officially dead !!!
Look his muscless !!!

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[PHOTOS] 100220
Xiahzart 13th day

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OMG!!! I was waiting for so long for this magazine!
Changmin is a super freaking HOT Model!

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Changmin Stalk Picture
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