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Thanks Kat♥ my so beloved friend to create this
female version about Changmin endorsement for System Homme
So delicate , cute and elegant Enjoy
I loved the Crown ring♥

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►take out with full credits please◄
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PV Tokyo Lovelight feat Yoochun

Source: MAKAI Official Site
Video Credit: taanjank
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--♥ S Cawaii Magazine Scan ♥--

He´s soOoOoO perfect ne ???
He´s my love !!!
Imagine this man looking for U this way !!!

Ok... I´llbe there to take a coffe with U Honey ^.~ kkk !!! Desappointed ???NOOOO !!!

Moshi Moshi !!!

I LOVED this 3rd pic he´smiling so cute !!!

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--♥ [NEWS]After School's ♥--
--♥ GaHee Looks Like Jaejoong? ♥--

Apparently Kang Ho Dong thinks so.
In a recent episode of 'Strong Heart' (Kang Shim Jang),
pre-debut photos were shown of the surprised stars.
After seeing Gahee's charismatic high school photo,
MC Kang Ho Dong commented, "Look at it again,
it looks like Yong Woong Jaejoong.
As you can see, Gahee was quite surprised
by the comparison (LOL)

See the full clip with English subtitles HERE.
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--♥ [Trans]100204 ♥--
--♥ TVXQ Triple TOP At Oricon Ranking ♥--

Number One!! In Day, Week, And Month!
(Only In Five Days!)

2010.02.04 14:13:31
Chuo Nippo News

TVXQ won the first place in Japanese Oricon Monthly Ranking
Chart by sale results of only five days!
TVXQ released their 29th single “BREAK OUT!”
on January 27th. And it was announced to have taken
the first place of the monthly sale ranking
of January 2010 only in five days.

And also it marks TVXQ to be
(1) The top of the Oricon single day ranking chart,
(2) The top of the Oricon weekly ranking chart,
(3) And also the top of the Oricon monthly ranking chart
(*Only In five days! )

Though album publicity work was not performed
due to the conflict with the SM entertainment,
TVXQ suppressed the Japanese famous
artists and placed such results. ^^

Always Keep The Faith!!

source credits: Chuo Nippo (Daily)
translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.
Thank you!
[TRANS] 100205 "ONE PIECE" Memorial Best Album On Sale Now, Includes DBSK Songs

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of "One Piece" (Anime), a greatest hits album will be released. The limited edition includes bonus DVD featuring footage of 31 creditless songs. The album CD itself will feature 31 music tracks from the the beginning of the TV series up to the current Impel Down arc. Also includes 40-page booklet.
Catalog No.: AVCA-29700
Format: CD Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 3 Number of discs (or other units): 3
Release Date: 2010/03/17 Release Date: 2010/03/17
Price: 3800yen (3990yen Tax incl.) Price: 3800yen (3990yen Tax incl.)
Item weight: 280 g Item weight: 280 g

(One Piece Memorial Best Album Limited Edition)


"Pre-order included song"
01:OP 「ウィーアー!」/きただにひろし(コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント) 01: OP "ウアーィー!" /きたにひろだし(コロムBldgアミックエジューンインメンTe Tatari & Suites)
02:OP 「Believe」/Folder 5(エイベックス) 02: OP "Believe" / Folder 5 (エベイッスク)
03:OP 「ヒカリヘ」/ザ・ベイビースターズ(キューンレコード) 03: OP "Haruhiカリヘ" /ザ・ベイスTatari Bldgーーズ(¥ューンRitz-コード)
04:OP 「BON VOYAGE!」/BON-BON BLANCO(コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント) 04: OP "BON VOYAGE!" / BON-BON BLANCO (コロムBldgアミッュージクエンインメンTe Tatari & Suites)
05:OP 「ココロのちず」/BOYSTYLE(インペリアルレコード) 05: OP "ココロのちず" / BOYSTYLE (イCOMMERCIALリアRitz-コールド)
06:OP 「BRAND NEW WORLD」/D51(ポニーキャニオン) 06: OP "BRAND NEW WORLD" / D51 (ポニニーCAMPAIGN &オン)
07:OP 「ウィーアー!~7人の麦わら海贼団篇~」(エイベックス) 07: OP "ウアーィー! ~ 7人のわらMai pirates団篇~" (エベイッスク)
08:OP 「Crazy Rainbow」/タッキー&翼(エイベックス) 08: OP "Crazy Rainbow" / Tackey & Tsubasa (エベイッスク)
09:OP 「Jungle P」/5050(エイベックス) 09: OP "Jungle P" / 5050 (エベイッスク)

10:OP 「ウィーアー! ~アニメーションワンピース10周年Ver.~」东方神起(エイベックス) 10: OP "ウアーィー! ~アニーションワメンピース10th anniversary of the Ver. ~" Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)
11:OP 「Share The World」/东方神起(エイベックス) 11: OP "Share The World" / Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)

12:OP 「风をさがして」/矢口真里とストローハット(エイベックス) 12: OP "Windをさがして" / Mari Yaguchiとローsu Hello Workッ& Suites (エベイッスク)
13:ED 「memories」/大槻真希(エピックレコード) 13: ED "memories" / Epic (エピックRitz-コード)
14:ED 「RUN!RUN!RUN!」/大槻真希(エピックレコード) 14: ED "RUN! RUN! RUN!" / Epic (エピックRitz-コード)
15:ED 「私がいるよ」/トマトキューブ(ワーナーミュージックジャパン) 15: ED "私がいるよ" / & Suites & Suitesキューマブ(ワナーーミクッュージジャAiluropodaン)
16:ED 「しょうちのすけ」/推定少女(エピックレコード) 16: ED "ょしすのうちけ" / presumption girl (エピックRitz-コード)
17:ED 「BEFORE DAWN」/AI-SACHI(エイベックス) 17: ED "BEFORE DAWN" / AI-SACHI (エベイッスク)
18:ED 「fish」/The Kaleidoscope(エイベックス) 18: ED "fish" / The Kaleidoscope (エベイッスク)
19:ED 「GLORY-君がいるから-」/上原多香子(エイベックス) 19: ED "GLORY-君がいるから-" / Takako Uehara (エベイッスク)
20:ED 「Shining ray」/ジャンヌダルク(エイベックス) 20: ED "Shining ray" /ャンジルNumaraダク(エベイッスク)
21:ED 「Free Will」/Ruppina(エイベックス) 21: ED "Free Will" / Ruppina (エベイッスク)
22:ED 「FAITH」/Ruppina(エイベックス) 22: ED "FAITH" / Ruppina (エベイッスク)
23:ED 「A to Z」/ZZ(エイベックス) 23: ED "A to Z" / ZZ (エベイッスク)
24:ED 「月と太阳」/shela(エイベックス) 24: ED "onとSun" / shela (エベイッスク)
25:ED 「DREAM SHIP」/イクタ☆アイコ(エイベックス) 25: ED "DREAM SHIP" /イクTatari ☆ AIコ(エベイッスク)
26:ED 「未来航海」/タッキー&翼(エイベックス) 26: ED "Future Sea" / Tackey & Tsubasa (エベイッスク)
27:ED 「エターナルポース」/エイジアエンジニア(エイベックス) 27: ED "エTatariナールースポ" /エインジジアエニア(エベイッスク)
28:ED 「Dear friends」/TRIPLANE(エイベックス) 28: ED "Dear friends" / TRIPLANE (エベイッスク)

29:ED 「明日はくるから」东方神起(エイベックス) 29: ED "Tomorrow ku ruからは," Dong Bang Shin Ki (エベイッスク)

30:ED 「ADVENTURE WORLD」/デリカテッセン(エイベックス) 30: ED "ADVENTURE WORLD" /デンRika TeッJapan (エベイッスク)
31:TVSPED 「Family」/7人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 31: TVSPED "Family" / 7人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)
32: (挿入歌) 「ビンクスの酒」/9人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 32: (Insert Song) "Bldgンスのクwine" / 9人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)
33:(Jツアー主题歌) 「A THOUSAND DREAMER」/9人の麦わら海贼団(エイベックス) 33: (Jツアーtheme song) "A THOUSAND DREAMER" / 9人のわらPirate団Mai (エベイッスク)

Source: cdjapan.co.jp + HEY!JJ + listentheworld.wordpress.com
Trans and shared by: Emerheliena @ DTL
Feel free to repost, but please do not add on/remove credits. Thanks!:
Despite their ongoing dispute with their management company, popular boy band TVXQ has still got it.

Japanese entertainment company Oricon reported on Feb. 2 that TVXQ’s 29th single “Break Out” had sold over 256,000 copies since its release on Jan. 27 and predicted that the song would still be No. 1 by the time its new rankings are released on Feb. 8. According to Oricon, that breaks the record for number of albums sold in the first week after its release. The record was previously held by Elton John, whose single “Candle in the Wind” sold 184,000 copies in Japan in the first week after its release.

Three TVXQ members - Xiah Jun-su, Micky Yoo-chun and Hero Jae-joong - have been in the middle of a contract dispute with their management agency, S.M. Entertainment, since last summer.

Meanwhile, the group is planning to release a greatest hits album titled “Best Selection 2010.”

Source: Hannah Kim @ JoongAng Daily
Shared by: Emerheliena @ DTL
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OMG so elegant in this costumes
Perfect as usual my Model Shim!

credit: dnbn

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Whose birthday today???
Jaejoong!!!! Wheee~~
so, i solve to make some wallies..
but i only be able to 2 wallies...
I have class after this..
I will made some to you when i have free time.. ^,^


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Let´s spread some Homin love ?
Because I love the Long Leg Brothers haha
They´re Tall , Hot , Handsome and MODELS !

OMG Changmin you´re molesting Yunho haha
watch for Changmin's hand inside the Yunho´s shirt

Lovable together haha Changmin looks so shy
Deliciousssss these 2 handsome men in white ourfits HOT!Don´t cry baby Min you´re safe in
Yunho´s arms Magic? Yess Homin is MAGIC haha
Suddenly YukariiChangmin faints here sorry
hahaha !!! Poor Boys huhuhu!
Love in the Rehearsal♥
HoMin dancing together haha
Credits: as tagged
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--♥ [TRANS] 100206 ♥--
--♥ "With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~" ♥--

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~

(T/N: )
With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~
With All My Heart ~Summer, when you danced so lively~
(T/N: the real English title is unknown)

A dramatic ballad, in rapid succession

This is an unknown new song, which suddenly appeared
on the list. Looking at the Japanese title,
we tend to think that it is a fresh upward song.
But it seems to be a ballad song, just as the English title,
"Memories of the summer, passing away".
As the melody goes on, the song will dramatically
continue to be livelier. In another way, it is
the very stanza of Tohoshinki.
The changing keys in the latter part of the
song is an expected harmony, but the times of
hop, step, jump, jump, and jump should be the highest level ever.

(New song) Words, music, and
arrangement by Shinjiroh Inoue

Source: Nikkei Entertainment (March 2010) + HEROKO
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.

091219 Misarang Pizza Place

~the first time we went to the restaurant, Junsu’s father wasn’t there, but he came out later on.
we were happy to see him because we thought he wasn’t there at first.
There were about 7 or 8 tables with customers. Junsu’s father was going through each one of them to greet them.
he was asking where they came from and he also shake hands with each custome

When he came to our table, he spoke in Korean with my two friends but spoke Japanese with me! O.O!!!

I knew he could speak Japanese but it was really pleasant to be able to talk with him in Japanese right in the place.

he was really surprised when I told him I was from Canada. (I am Japanese but I live in Canada)
We then took a picture together and he gave us his autograph. (sorry I don’t have the picture)
At the end, he came outside the restaurant to say bye.
He was really friendly and really kind.

The spaghetti and was really spicy! But tasted really delicious! The pizza too!

I went to PhoBay but I only have one picture. The Pho was delicious too.

What a great experience she have..
Ahhh~~ a friend of mine will go there too, soon...
In october.. Jealousssssss~~ T_T
When i can meet Junsu and his family.. Really want to!

thanks to: Salut!TVXQ!erije
shared by: http://www.blogger.com/joecesjohncual@yahoo.com + TVXQPOWERFULLGODS
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