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Yunho Tokyo Dome Pics !!!

--♥ Yunho Tokyo Dome ♥--

I´d like to remember all our readers to pay attention in our
annoucement about Yunho♥´s author ne ???
We´re Looking for an author for Yunho´s posts.
If you love him and has a Great sense of responsability.
Click Here ↓ to Download The Pre Requirements.
After Read This with ATTENTION
Please send us an E-mail.
You can use Our E-Mail box.
Thanks ^-^

I found this pics totally AMAZING !!!
Look for this high quality of this pics !!!
And Better v look for Yunho¬ LOL !!!
I LOVED this clother from Checkmate !!!
My Favorite color v !!!

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JaeJoong Press Conference Part 19 !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Press Conference Part 19 ♥--

I said ne ???
There´s a thousand pics still coming from Press Conference
and I´m posting all for our readers !!!
I´ll delete that rar document with so many few pics from
this pics and I´ll do a new rar document ok???
This new rar document will have 600 pics or more ok???

JaeJoong♥ why are U so perfect ???

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Heaven´s Postman Screen Shots!!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman Screen Shots ♥--

More screen shots from Heaven´s Postman♥ for Us !!!
I really LOVED to see JaeJoong♥ receiving a hug of
someone coz he´s always try to hold everybody ne ???
He´s pure love !!!

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Tvxq Three members side "Willing to Talk with SM If SM respects courts decision solve -income Division"

Thanks again for Tohosomnia.net for this Trans
Credits:On template

[TRANS] SM “The Three Members
Are At Fault For No TVXQ Activities”
Three Members’ Side “That’s Absurd”

Thanks to Tohosomnia.net for this trans
Let´s keep The faith for our Boys ok readers?
They need us
Credits: on Template
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MemoRies -- Junsu SoLo

If u really admire to Junsu voice..
Hear this song.. Junsu is really born to sing..
*clappping* Sorry if some of hear this before..
Old video.. but still full of "LOVE"...^,^

credits: uploader
shared by: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com

--♥ A Random Journal Entry Of ♥--
--♥ Young Junsu ♥--

This is a note about Junsu♥ and Junho♥ the
Kim´s Brothers !!!
Aw so cute !!!
I am Twin too m twin U know already ne ???
YukariiChangmin♥ is my older sister LOL !!!
And Only one too LOL !!!
I love my sister and she´s like Junho♥
Coz she always protect me v !!!
In last week I needed her help Coz
Who is our reader knows about what I´m talking ne ???
And she believed in me as ALWAYS !!!
As our readers too !!!
Forever ...
Domo Arigato !!!
And I did put here some Junho♥ for
Our Readers know all about Junsu♥´s life ok ???
Some readers know´s about it ,sure but another
maybe not yet ne ???

He´s pretty ne ??? Junho♥ is very social too !!!
And I agree with Junsu♥ when he said his brother
is stronger than him...

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Keep Intact Credits !!!
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JaeJoong Press Conference Part 18 !!!

--♥ JaeJoong Press Conference Part 18 ♥--

I´m still collecting more pics for Us ok???
But If U trust in ou blog U can Just wait coz
I´ll put all this pics in another rar document for
Download ok ???

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