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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Cut End+Credits ♥--

What do U understand about the end from
Heaven´s Postman♥ ???
I undertand that he survived ne ???
Coz in synopse it says that nobody gets to see him
But in the end the guy driving the bus got to see him v !!!
Ahhh A happy end v !!!

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Bigeast Station #138

Credits: Uploader
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Our Itens:
♥オロナミンCドリンク and Pinky Candies♥

This weekend me (YukariiChangmin) and Sayuri JaeJoong
was in Awaji and Shikoku Islands,
to be more accurate in a fishing village
(We were visiting distant relatives =__="")
But when we crossed the Strait of Naruto 鳴門海峡
I could not help totaking a picture of the
giant ad about オロナミンCドリンク (oronamin C)
in an old building !!!!I Screamed Louder :
TOHOSHINKI huhuhuhuu!!!!
Me(YukariiChangmin) and Sayuri JaeJoong
are addicted in This energy drink LOL
Here Goes for you all some Pics that we did take
Our オロナミンCドリンク CLOCK
We bought it because we could not resist the cuteness
A picture of the bottles very near
Large amount of オロナミンCドリンク !!! haha
Our Pinky Candies
More Pinky Candies
credits: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com

[INFO] 091116: A Bigeast Project:
"Make Our TVXQ Happy Together!" ^^

T/N: Bit too early for this? Oh well! LOL. Pic by jeajoong girl.)
A Japanese TVXQ fan site,"Bigeast Fan", which has over 10,000 members had posted an article today,asking for everyone's participation make our TVXQ happy together.

They are sending a post card to Avex Co, with the hand written words,
"We Love (This part is written with the red heart mark) TVXQ!"
in the center of the post card.
They also asked the other part of the post card to be filled with an encouraging message to our TVXQ.
Let us squeeze in the words,
"Always Keep The Faith!" and 「믿어요!」(believe)
in Korean in it.

In Japan, they requested to mail all the post cards on November 29th, 2009.Which most likely will arrive at around November 30th or December 1st.So, if overseas TVXQ fan friends wish to mail them to match the timing of the Bigeast,it will be the best to target your post card to arrive at around December 1, 2009 in Japan!
Address of the Avex Co.
To: Axex Entertainment Co.Avex Building 6F,Attention: Tohoshinki3-1-30, Minami Aoyama,Minato-ku, Tokyo,Japan, 107-0062

T/NIf you ask at your local post office in your country where you live, they will be able togive you a general idea when the post card needs to be sent from your countryto make it arrive at around
December 1st, 2009 in Japan.
^^There is no particular post card Bigeast sell for this project.

^^In Japan they ask to use a simple one from the post office.
(50 yen card. Around 50 cents USD.)
Just add "We Love (heart mark here) TVXQ!"
in the center spot.One simple post card you can buy
at your local post office would do!
What's important is to fill your love in it!Always Keep The Faith!! ^^

Source: Bigeast

Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.
Thank you!
AHHHH !!! I´m so proud to be a Bigeast!!!!!
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--♥ JaeSu Stalk Pics ♥--

JaeJoong♥ loves to live the life and looks
Junsu♥ is a great friend to perambulate
during all vacation time ne ???

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JaeMinSu in Bigeastation # 138
credits: DNBN
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--♥ Heaven´s Postman New Pics ♥--

Ah!!! I LOVE all Heaven´s Postman♥ Pics !!!
This atmosphere is very cool and
the place is simply AMAZING ne ???

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091112 Paradise Meadow: Cast List & Production Credits
Director: Kim Chul-Gyu (Hwang Jin-i / More Beautiful Than A Flower)Production Company: Samhwa Networks (We-ding / Snow Flower / Mom Is Mad / First Wives Club)
Screenplay: Jang Hyun Joo (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)
/ Seo Hui-Jin (Into the Sun)

Year 2010 MBC drama scheduled to be broadcast from January to February90% of the pre-production are targeted to be filmed in Australia and Jeju Island for the location filming, filming scheduled to start in November

Main Cast-Shim Changmin - Han Dong-Soo
Lee Yeon-hee - Lee Da-ji
Yoo Ha Na - Jin-Young (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)
Ren Soo-Sang - Da Eun (Lee Da-ji's brother?)
Song You-Hyeon - SongLi
Ren Ai-YoungSide
CastRa Young-HuiLee Doo-il

Film Lineup

F D - Gold ternary
Clothing - Kim Sam-Won (The Painter of Wind / Baby and Me)
Clothing - Kim Woo-Soo
Make-up Group – Kim Yoo-Jin
Make-up Group - Kim Jung-Eun
Camera Photography Authority - Kim Seung-ho (Sad Love Story)
Camera Mirror's chief executive – Lee Hyeong
Lighting Authority - Choi Jong-Geun (Alone in Love)
Log keeper - Shin Eun-hui
Arts - Kwon Ye Seul

The above list is not complete, or could be adjusted.
Note: Romanization could be wrong. Some dramas titles are omitted.

Source: mingjicm.net
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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Heaven´s Postman Caps !!!

--♥ Heaven´s Postman Caps ♥--

Ahhh!!! So Good to receive a hug this way ne ???
I almost don´t receive any hug but
I think it´should be good ne ???
Oh JaeJoong♥ after the beautifull Han Hyo Joo♥
Can U hug me too ???
LOL !!!

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--♥ Heaven´s Postman New Gif Scene ♥--

Oh So cute they´re together ne ???
JaeJoong♥ always tries to hold everyone and
In this Gif I´m very happy coz This time
He received a Sweet Hug from Han Hyo Joo♥ !!!
He deserve it !!!

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--♥ Heaven´s Postman Kissing Scene Clear FanCam ♥--

Ah!!! I know maybe U´re tired to see this scene ne ???
But one thing is right !!!
JaeJoong♥ Knows how to kiss a Girl !!!

And I made a Gif from this new scene
for our collection ok ???
Credits Video:ssarang.
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