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Nack after 5 Audio !!!

--♥ Nack after 5 Audio ♥--

JaeJoong♥ in radio spoke more than
usual LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ always remember another members !!!
He said a thousand times about Junsu♥
and another members too!!!
They´re promoting Colors,
and this guy from Radio is so funny
In his comments !!!
Let´s hear please !!!

Part 1

Part 2

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Sayuri JaeJoong
--♥ Seoul District Court ♥--
--♥ Rejected SM’s Preservation ♥--
--♥ of Evidence Cancellation Request ♥--

SM Entertainment (hereafter SM) filed a request
to the court to cancel the submission of
preservation of evidence” application as being requested by
TVXQ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun,
and Xiah Junsu, however, the request was rejected.
One of the litigants through a phone
call with Money Star News
on the 23rd said, “On last 18th, the court
rejected SM’s cancellation
request of evidence preservation.
Claimant side’s, the three TVXQ members,
preservation of evidence application is still up and will
receive document submission related to earnings from
The Seoul Central District Court prosecutor
explained the reason of the rejection,
The fact which has been drawn up is about
legal relationship between the artists and their agency company,
and in compliance with law of civil procedure article
2 section 344, the document holder side couldn’t refuse
to submit the documents that become object
of document submission order assertion from the complainants
On August 5th,
Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu
side submitted
a preservation of evidence to the court
to calculate the real income distribution of all TVXQ activities
from SM Entertainment. The preservation of
evidences demanded including accounting books, contracts,
receipts, journals, and any relevant
documents related to the income distribution calculation.
With the court rejection, seems that the document release
by SM is now inevitable.
Currently both sides of SM
and 3 TVXQ members has been waiting for the
court decision after the first hearing on 21st last month.

source: star.mt.co.kr + cbssummarized
trans by: sharingyoochun
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Yoochun Update Cyworld !!!

--♥ Yoochun Update Cyworld ♥--

Hi for everyone here my darls !!!
I´m Sayuri JaeJoong♥ who talk to U In
Yoochun♥´s Post O.õ LOL !!!
No ,No there´s no problem my darls...
Let me explain ne?
Just in this post my twin sister
[YukariiChangmin♥] ask me If I can do this post
for her coz YukariiChangmin♥ is busy doing
a new layout for Us ok?
She always tries to turn better our layout
for U our reader !!!
Let´s check my Yoochun♥´s Post ^.~ ???

Yoochun♥ said in his personal phrase:
" Thank You So Much " !!!
Yoochun♥...No need to thank Us...
We love U so much and all we do it´s for U !!!
[Waiting for a Big Kiss as my premium for my
Sweet words LOL]!!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong
--♥ JaeJoong and Yoochun at ♥--
--♥ NACK AFTER 5 ♥--

Look a lot fans behind them !!!
JaeChun♥ so cute !!!
They´re look children ne???
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Sayuri JaeJoong

태연 & Sunny 써니[SNSD]I'm Only In Love 사랑인걸요

--♥ 태연 & Sunny 써니[SNSD] ♥--
--♥ I'm Only In Love 사랑인걸요 MV ♥--

I thought this MV so cute !!!
Cha Bon Gun[Yunho♥] and HaeBin[Go Ara]
aren´t nothing compatible ne???
So If love exist I still don´t know
But Let´s check this beautifull MV
and Do U remember Sunny who sang with
JaeJoong♥ in SM Concert ???
She has a beautifull voice ne???
Anyway Enjoy !!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeChun Vision Magazine !!!

--♥ JaeChun Vision Magazine ♥--

They´re pure talentous !!!
They´re always news and Now it´s time
to remind for everybody
that JaeChun♥ belongs to
I have faith in my heart and I´m waiting
anxious for Yunho♥ , Changmin♥ and Junsu♥
Take new pics with JaeChun♥ soon !!!
My Heart always full of faith !!!
I´m praying for them everyday !!!

LOL !!! Finally \0/ JaeJoong♥´s
above Yoochun♥ in
Pics coz JaeJoong♥´s♥ always
below from Yoochun♥ LOL !!!
Yoochun♥ each day U´re
more and more beautifull...
JaeJoong♥ U´re always beautifull
Everybody knows
I´m crazy for my JaeJoong♥ LOL !!!
He´s really my 2nd in my heart !!!
They´re deserve all success !!!
Another day I was reading their life´s history...
And serious... This 2 members suffered so Much in their
lives...I think They´re naturals champions !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

Shelter HQ Audio!!!

--♥ Shelter HQ Audio ♥--

They´re pure talentous and geniality too!!!
JaeChunSu♥ always genius ne ???
I thought this song so enigmatic
and full of Misterious too !!!
Yoochun♥ rap is pure romatism and
JaeJoong♥ chorus voice is simply amazing!!!

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Sayuri JaeJoong

JaeChun Magazines !!!!

--♥ JaeChun Magazines ♥--

Let me tell U my true adventure to
Buy this magazines LOL !!
I aways buy all magazines here in
Japan♥ specially when
has JaeJoong♥ !!!So the guy from store magazines
said to me :
It´something like ...
" You better not waste time, sister "
LOL So I follow his words u.U"
I was there in my dawn u.U"
And I bought !!!LOL !!!
I never Give Up !!!

Spring Magazine !!!
PINKY Magazine
Ray Magazine
My Godddd His Cold Look
Can Kill someone JaeJoong♥ !!!
Ok I accept this delicious u.U"...
I´m talking aout You Yoochun♥ !!!
They´re my cute Crazy Couple !!!
Beautifull ne???

Credits: http:www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
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Sayuri JaeJoong

TOHOSHINKI Ringtones Certified Platinum

Back in June, Tohoshinki’s Share The World was certified Gold by the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) by achieving more than 100,000 downloads in full mobile ringtones. The recent August publication shows that the song has now reached Platinum with over 250,000 downloads.

Share The World:
CD sales: 163,656+ (Note: the numbers are from last week)
Full ringtones: 250,000+

source: http://www.riaj.or.jp/data/others/chart/w090820.html
shared by: OneTVXQ & www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com