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...HoMinSu Back To JAPAN...

ahhh~~ ladies... once again, they are in
JAPAN now...
YukariiChangmin & SayuriJaeJoong must be very happy now...
They all are in black today...
I meant their outfits...
BUT~~ JUNSU??? With that mask??? Why???
Is he okay??? hmmm... Praying for Junsu health~~

Do they have any performance there???
I Thought they were 'off' for 2 months...
sorry for my silly ne... hehe...
really crazy me... i didn't read the text carefully...
hope in japan they will snap more picx and also video..
fighting TVXQ!!!!

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[NEWS] Reason For Delaying
Filming of "Paradise Ranch"
The reason for the delaying of the first filming for the drama is only to complete it even more perfectly.A member of the group TVXQ, Choikang Changmin, is going through an acting course which is why the shooting of the drama “Paradise Ranch” is being delayed. Although recently, TVXQ’s company and 3 members of the group is involved in a lawsuit, but during that period, they emphasized that “the lawsuit and an a member’s individual activities will not stop” and they have been preparing for other activities.Recently, after ending their performance in Japan, Choikang Changmin returned to Korea. He received a very strict one-to-one acting course on days where he doesn’t have to perform. Despite his busy schedule of traveling from Japan and Korea, he has not stop practicing his script and so long as there is time after the activity ends, he will not let go of it.Choikang Changmin recently expressed that “there has been a series of things happening recently and I, indeed, feel a very huge responsibility. I only want to perform well in this acting challenge, that seems to be like a dream.” and “When we are traveling to and fro from Japan and Korea, so long as there is free time, I will accept advises on acting. To me, acting is a new field and I am also looking forward to it and will have ample preparation.”Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment collaborated for the filming of “Paradise Ranch” and is planned to be released this year. In this light story and beautiful music to accompany the matured theme drama, Choikang Changmin will show everyone an unexpected and innocent but romantic acting. The first day of filming will be in early next month.
Source: [DNBN] + [neverend-scm]

Tohoshinki Sexy Gifs !!!

--♥ Tohoshinki Sexy Gifs ♥--

YukariiChangmin♥ Changmin´s Gifs it´s
For U my Sister !!!
FiFFy JunJun♥ Junsu´s Gif´s it´s
For U my little Sister !!!
I made all this Gifs For U ´re here
Everyday with Us Please Let Us Know U!!!
Use Our C-Box and Show Your love for
Our Tohoshinki♥ ne???
U can be honest LOL !!!
I realized your dreams when
I made this Gifs ne??? LOL !!!
Nowwww !!!It´s Show Time Girls ♥!!!

Sexy Group´s Gifs Jump!!!Jump for Me Boys !!!
Sexy Gifs Large Version

Yoochun♥ Why Are U so HOT ???
My True Sin JaeJoong♥ He´sexy Always!!!
Yunho♥ I know U´re sexy baby haha \0/ !!!
Junsu♥ U cannot stay there lonely LOL !!!
Changmin♥ Thinking in how are U so Hot ???
Small Version

HOT !!!
SEXY !!!
Jump Changmin♥ \0/ Jump to
YukariiChangmin♥ LOL !!!
Yunho♥ show all your misteries LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ Open your strong arms and
Hold me tight LOL !!!
Junsu♥ Show Us your Sexy way!!!
Yoochun♥ U´re My Devil !!!
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Sayuri JaeJoong

AADBSK3 More Junsu Caps

more Junsu Caps in AADBSK3...
Enjoy Ladies...
i Think u will Love Junsu More~~

Just Like me.. haish... i cant stop Loving this guy...
oppss.... i meant the 5 powerfull Gods in our Blog....

hallo girls~~

Look at his mouth... hihihi... cute ooo~~

His cheek & again... his mouth...
LOL.. he is too cute~~~

and this... he pinned his hair...
totally cute... LOL.. i keep repeating "cute" word...
coZ he is cute.... anyone disagree????

psst... psst... look at Changmin and his glasses..
he looks handsome...

Junsu's PEACE for US...
now is for us.. not only me... haha...

Just take a look at these 3 guys smile...
LOL... Jae2 smile is beautiful
Junsu smile is full of happiness..
and Yoochun??? hehe...
but he looks cute in this pic...

as long as there is pic or news bout TVXQ...
i'll share it with you...
SHARING IS LOVING.... right?? hehe
okay everyone...
i have to go now.. want to eat.. so hungry...

oh ya.. before that, to our readers...
Muslim readers,
I wish u all... Happy Fasting Month!!

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