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Some Sexy,Cute and Dork Gifs!!!

--♥ Sexy ,Cute and DORK Gifs ♥--


JaeJoong♥ Sexy dance ^.~ !!!
Yoochun♥ Sexy Despair LOL !!!
I´d like to be the Chair !!!
Yunho♥ Sexy abdomen !!!
Junsu♥ preparing his Muscles
[let me help U Junsu♥ LOL !!!
FiFFy JunJun♥ Keep Calm LOL ]
Changmin♥ has muscles too LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥´s BIG MUSCLES O¬O !!!

Normal Size Version

JaeJoong♥ 8 packs and His O¬O !!!
JaeJoong♥ show me Your strength !!!
Changmin♥ following JJ♥´s exemple !!!
Sexy Yoochun♥ !!! Oh My Hand !!!
It´s hurts !!!
Don´t call me anymore LOL !!!

Yunho♥ sexy abdomen !!!

Cute Junsu♥ U Won´t survive after this !!!
I call this of 3 HITS !!!
3 Super Cute Moments Priceless !!!

Junsu♥ U have muscles too LOL !!!
I Love muscles I confess u.U"

HTTG Caps from Episode 1
Ahhh Yunho acting!!!!
Good Lucky Yunho !!!
Wish you SUCCESS!!!!!!!

credits: SharingYoochun

I Know there´s nothing new to share these last days ...
We always try to improve giving our best for all readers
and sometimes we like to prepare some little surprises for U all
Hope You like my Wallies I did it with love


...Junsu's Twins Exclusive, KIM JUNHO...

Lorh... Kim Junho now is a Model...
Junho ya~~ Are u learning from your brother???
no.. my boyfriend, Junsu?? hahaha..(evil laugh) *get kicked* okay okay.. Mian ne...
I post some Junho pic... there is a lot of his pic...
but only some of his picx, if there is Junsu.. I will be more happy in posting this news... huhuhu...
But... Yo... Junho!!! Fighting.. U must learn from my boyfriend ok??
*once again get kicked* Ouchh!!! Ok ok... Enough...
Junho or Junsu, both of u are handsome..
*But Junsu more handsome... Muah!!!!!* JuZ kidding...
as u all know, i love to bubbling here... LOL ^,^

Seeing Junho is enjoy himself in these picX...
Suddenly Junsu appear in my Mind...
Ahhhh~~~ i miss to see his cute act...
When we will see his cute act again??? Junsu yah~~~
okay readers... let us pray for this case is settle as soon as possible (ASAP)... i really can stand!!!! I miss Junsu a lot...:(

He looks like Junsu... LOL.. everytime i see him i will see Junsu... hahaha


credits: on pic
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JaeHoMin Bigeast Epi 128_Tell Me!

--♥ JaeHoMin Bigeast ♥--
Epi 128 Tell Me

LOL !!! JaeJoong♥ always so DORK ne???
Yunho♥ always so polite with fans questions
and Changmin♥ always so dreamer ne...
Changmin♥ said to fan to confess fans love to boy...
Hum...I really do not know if
this would be a good idea...
I´d never had this courage ne...I prefer to have
my feelings forever just with me in my silent ^-^
JaeJoong♥ said to fan to confess her love to boy
She just need to writte their email in a
sunglasses with a white marker
Yunho♥ always very polite and so manly ne???
I LOVED this bigeast episode !!!
Yesterday our Junsu´s author
[FiFFy JunJun♥]posted a
Bigeast Episode about our JaeChunSu as
So funny ne???
Anyway enjoy please ^.~ !!!

Shaerd By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

090908 Will TVXQ attend Dream Concert???

Many are wondering whether TVXQ, the group swept with disbandment rumors after their dispute with their agency erupted, is planning on attending the ‘2009 Dream Concert’ that is set for October 10th. TVXQ has already signed a contract with Yeonjae Corporation, who is in charge of the concert, stating that they will be attending.

However, as their dispute with their entertainment agency continues to build, their attendance is becoming uncertain.
On the 8th, Yeonjae Corporation announced 15 teams, excluding TVXQ, who would be attending the concert. Through an official statement Yeonjae Corporation said, “15 representative teams who have swept the 2009 Kpop industry will be attending such as Big Bang, 2PM, Super Junior, Jewelry, Girls’ Generation, MC Mong, SHINee, 4 Minute etc.

However, Yeonjae Corporation did not forget about the chance that TVXQ may be added to the list later on. The corporation said, “On April, we drew up a attendance contract with SM Entertainment and confirmed TVXQ’s attendance,” and “The fans’ anticipation of the ‘Dream Concert’ is big. Also, for the expansion of the Korean music industry and the Hallyu Wave, it is important that the members of TVXQ and SM Entertainment settle the issue on a good note.

Everyone here hopes that all five TVXQ members return to the Kpop scene as the
King of the Hallyu Wave.”
Fans have not been able to see all five members on one stage in Korea since the dispute erupted on July 31st between SM Entertainment and three members of TVXQ.

With the ‘SM Town Live 09′ Concert, that was supposed to happen on August 16th, indefinitely postponed, fans have been waiting eagerly for a chance to see all five members on one stage again.
There is a chance that TVXQ will appear at the ‘Dream Concert’ to reply to the voices of the fans who want to see their performances.

One representative of Yeonjae Corporation said, “We cannot say for certain, but Yeonjae Corporation is trying its hardest to get TVXQ on stage at the ‘Dream Concert’ so the only thing we can do is hope for the best."
The Dream Concert is hitting its 15th year and is expected to attract around 5,000 international fans from countries such as Japan, Thailand and China.

The concert will take place at 6:30 pm on October 10th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.
Tickets go on sale at 8 pm on the 10th this month and can be purchased by typing ‘DreamConcert’ in the Gmarket search engine.

Yah... give them a chance to express their feelings...
dont be so cruel SME... ahhh... later, i know, u will take the money..
u will gain more money... huhu...
dont be soooooo EGO... Who dont know SME dirty trick??
Everyone know that....
Yah.. Mian ne readers :(
I so emotional even though i will never get a chance to attend the concert.....


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