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Isn´t he the perfect model ?
Oh~of course he is!!!
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[TRANS] 110116 TVXQ's 'Why?' to Sweep Across Japan, Closely Following Behind Korea

TVXQ, with their perfect vocals and performances, swept across the major domestic (Korean) music charts and rankings, and it has been pointed out that Japan will also be swept up in the storm, following closely behind Korea.

On the 26th of January, the Japanese version of TVXQ's 'Why?' and the recorded Japanese version of the single 'Maximum' will be released in Japan. Recently, on the 12th of January, TVXQ has already released an iPhone application for 'Why?'.

The song has had a strong response. On Japan's most famous music site Mu-mo's ringtones ranking, (the song 'Why?') has maintained its first spot. In addition to Mu-mo, it has also been ranked at the top few positions on Japan's largest mobile phone service website.

On the 11th of January, 'Why?', which has become the theme song for the Japanese drama 'Beautiful Neighbour' will have its first broadcast there. The new song will highly be paid attention to, and it will be anticipated in Japan, with TVXQ setting off with a boom.

On the other hand, TVXQ has used only a week's time and they have won the first place on KBS's Music Bank on the 14th of January, setting a record. They will be appearing on all music shows and will have frequent activities.

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[VIDEO]110118 TVDaily Paradise Meadow Press conference

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So handsome *-*!
And the ladies are really pretty !
Congrats to lee Yeon Hee and Yoo Ha Na too ne ^^
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Ohhh ~I´m in love!
It´s a romantic comedy very very lovely!
And Changmin acting skills improved so much ~
I´m proud of him♥
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[News] “First Acting Challenge” Choikang Changmin “Couldn’t Eat Because Of Kiss Scene”

Shim Changmin, who will be making his acting debut through the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”, made a joke and expressed that before his kiss scenes, he would be so nervous that he would be unable to eat.

Shim Changmin attended the press conference for “Paradise Meadow”, which took place at 2pm on the 18th. He said, “For half a year I was at Jeju Island for filming and personally, this is my first challenge in acting, so I worked hard and completed it happily.”

With regards to the kiss scene with his label mate Lee Yeonhee, who is also of the same age, Shim Changmin shared his feelings, “I was very nervous about the kissing scenes and from the morning of the day of filming onwards, I wouldn’t be able to eat. I would just keep waiting like that and constantly used mouthwash.”

At this point, Lee Yeonhee joked, “Then before that, you wouldn’t even eat meat?” She also said, “Although I said it’s a kissing scene, it was actually just a cute bobo* scene. I wasn’t burdened by it and it was interesting to film it. I was really happy to watch Changmin being so nervous.”

Choikang Changmin also filmed a kissing scene with Yoo Hana. He expressed, “I was really really nervous. Yoo Hana who I was meeting for the first time and Lee Yeonhee who I saw everyday; I can’t say which filming of the kissing scene was better. Actually, Lee Yeonhee and I are label mates and to me, she’s also a senior in acting as well as a friend, so I learnt a lot from her and she also gave me a lot of advice. Thanks to Yeonhee, my burden while filming was lessened by a lot.”

“Compared to Yeonhee, I’m not that familiar with Yoo Hana, and we didn’t have a lot of time to interact so the result was a little stiff.”

After which Lee Yeonhee smiled and said, “But from what I see, that’s not it at all. While filming with someone so familiar like me, he was very shy. Watching the two of them act when they’re with me, even the looks of jealousy were hilarious. When (he’s) acting with me, he’s very introvert, but when he’s filming with Hana-unnie**, his face was full of smiles. It was only through the monitor that I could see Mr Shim Changmin taking the lead.”

In this TV drama, Shim Changmin’s role is a third generation chaebol’s*** son, 21 year old Han Dong Joo who met 19 year old Da Ji and fell into a passionate love, then got married only to divorce 6 months later. It will air on the 24th.

*bobo = peck on the lips
**unnie = how a female addresses an older female as “older sister”
***chaebol = South Korean privately owned business conglomerates

Source: [Osen + NeverEnd]
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[News] Director Kim Chul Kyu: Choikang Changmin Has A Feel For Acting


Director Kim Chul Kyu of “Paradise Meadow” has not been stingy when it comes to praise for Shim Changmin, who is challenging acting for the first time.

On the afternoon of the 18th, a press conference was held for the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”.

During the press conference, Director Kim Chul Kyu admitted that “in the beginning, there was a lot of worries”.

Kim Chul Kyu said, “Every night I would ask him to come to the office for one to one practice”, “acting skill isn’t something that just comes as you wish, there are people who still can’t grasp the feel of it even after 10 years”, and “because it is Changmin’s first time acting, there are also moments when he is at a loss for words, when he’s unfamiliar, and even clumsy”.

Director Kim Chul Kyu praised, “Thankfully Changmin has a lot of feel for acting and he was able to express himself naturally in a very short time”, “the character is calm on the outside and passionate on the inside; which is really similar to him” and “he absorbed (the feel of) the role well”.

Getting married at 19 followed by a lightening fast divorce; a love story about thick-skinned and rude youths, “Paradise Meadow” will air on the 24th as a follow up drama for “It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl”.

Source: [joynews + BaiduTVXQ]
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[News] Yunho & Changmin To Record “Strong Heart” On the 20th

On the 20th, Choikang Changmin and U-know Yunho will be recording the SBS variety programme “Strong Heart”.

TVXQ, who have been actively promoting recently, will make their first appearance on 23rd January on “Running Man”.

This episode (“Strong Heart”) will be aired on 8 February.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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[NEWS]110118 Lawsuit between SM Entertainment and JYJ delayed until March

The ongoing lawsuit between the members of JYJ and SM Entertainment has been delayed.

The 47th Seoul Central District Court held the third trial on January 18th at 3 PM, but due to the difference in opinions between both sides being unable to meet a compromise, the court decided for an additional hearing to be held on March 15th at 2 PM with one employee from SM as a witness.

JYJ’s lawyers requested for a quick announcement by the justice department by asking, “The promotional period of singers is short, so please give a quick judgment on at least the validity of their exclusive contracts.”

SM Entertainment’s lawyers retorted to JYJ’s lawyers by asking for a judgment to be made including all of the issues that are being disputed.

The justice department responded, “There’s a necessity in further discussing the legal problems before a portion of the announcement is made. There is plenty of time until the next appointed date of March 15th, so we ask for both sides to cooperate and investigate further evidence.”

Source: Newsis via Nate
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