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Let´s have a Major Nosebleed ?

Dozo ^-^ They´re Hot!!!

JaeJoong is on Fire!!!!

Shake Shake Prince Shim ♥
LOL look at the man in black huhu!

♥Junsu You´re not an angel here ♥

Yunho Major Nosebleed!!!!
Chunnie Diferent style of nosebleed haha♥


Please Be free to re-post^-^

Shangai Mirotic Concert

These is the first pictures circulating on the Internet
about Mirotic Concert in Shangai!!!
Awesome! Seems that this show was
so touch!!! All the boys Cried

Changmin´s Hair grow up

♥Junsu Blured♥

Changmin in Upon This Rock ♥ Yunho♥ JaeJoong♥Chunnie in Love by Love♥

Wrong Number♥

credit: as tagged

Yunho & Go Ara Pic !!!

--♥ Yunho and Go Ara Couple Pic ♥--

Oh My God I have to admit ...
Yunho♥ and Go Ara♥ are a beautifull
Couple , don´t U agree with me ???
Just Look well this pic and appreciate...
They´re looks a print ne ???
Ah I´d like to give "Be Welcome" to all
Go Ara´s Fans who visit our Blog too ok???
We Love Go Ara♥ as U too !!!
JaeJoong♥ don´t be jealous T^T ...
LOL !!!
Shared By:

Sayuri JaeJoong
This is Sanrio Limited Colors Melody and Harmony
DVD ^-^v me and (YukariiChangmin) and my sister
(Sayuri JaeJoong) get one of this!!! Weeee
PV Colors + JaeChun Interview
You´re free to re-post please leave with full credits♥

JaeChun Magazine Sep issue 09

--♥ JaeChun Magazine Sep issue 09 ♥--

I thought this magazine so
different style of photos ne ???
I LOVED it !!!
They´re soOoOoO perfect ne ???
Yoochun♥ using red color !!!
Matchs with so beautifull Yoochun♥´skin !!!
Ah !!! They´re my life v !!!
LOL The´r s dork ne ???
I think in Tohoshinki♥ They´re the Most
Impish soul LOL !!!
JaeJoong♥ pure tentation O¬O !!!
He kills me everyday I am Phenix LOL !!!
I reborn everyday LOL !!!
Yoochun♥ You´re so charming ...
Gosh I died /0/ !!!
CM Pinky pic!!!
They´re looks twins LOL !!!
My men LOL !!!
Colors Pics !!!
Shared By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

:: The FanBooth Label ::

nothing... Dont ask me why did i share it here...
LOL.. I just Love it...
Feel like i also participate in the selling
LOL.. im crazy now...
But noticed something??
Yoochun Fanbooth is more than d other...
LOL.. I wonder why..
But nevermind.. as long as they selling TVXQ goodies...

Stadium Outside View

Be able to read d labels??? ^,^

credits: on pic
shared by: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com