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♥Christmas Gifts♥
♥From Chineses Baidu fans to Chunnie ♥

Adorable all these Gifts for Chunnie!!!
I think he´ll love it __
Merry Christmas Chunnie

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[INFO] 091226 Tohoshinki
Sent Flowers to Tokunaga Hideaki's Concert

Remember Tohoshinki sent flowers to The Gospellers' concert on 12/19? Well, seems like they did it again ^^ This is from a Japanese fan account who went to Tokunaga Hideaki's concert on 12/26.
Today 12/26, I went to Tokunaga-san's live at Tokyo International Forum.
It's Tokunaga-san whom Tohoshinki had a collaboration with at FNS Song Festival...
He received a bouquet of flowers from Tohoshinki
To Tokunaga Hideaki-sama
From Tohoshinki

Now please to re-watch the emotional performance of Rainy Blue by Tokinaga Hideaki x Tohoshinki at FNS Song Festival ;D

Source: lovely-jj
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[part 2]

Remember to click on pic for the actual size readers..
I'm going to sleep now..
uhhh~~ so tired didnt rest yet since i arrive to my campus.. T_T

They killing me softly... hehehehe.. but nevermind..
I got so many best friends here.. I love to be with u guys..
Love you so much...!!! Good night... Sorry..T_T

Junsu oppa... I always slept with ur voice...
This is true.. i always play his song, Rainy Night, Remember, (english song), Give up, Lately (both of this song was not in good quality but i really admire his voice) not to forget his fave song..
The Greatest Love of all, sang by Junsu oppa...

The fingers... So beautifulll~~
[seems like i'm getting loving each part of Junsu.. LOL...]

Take a look at his fingers... beautiful~~ o(^,^)o
I wanna hold his hand... Someone please pray for me...

hope this dream can be true..
I really wanna hold his beautiful hand.. ^,^

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Some caps about Changmin
Singing Stand By U in Mステ スーパーライブ

credits: www.princeshimchangmin.blogspot.com
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Chinese Cassiopeia's Newspaper Ad for TVXQ

『What the scissors are aiming for is the already entangled bond between us and the five members』

You are trying to cut the dreams the five have been creating for the past six years,
and you are hurting the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who were happy because of the five of them.

Stop your actions that are hurting the five.
Let the five sing freely without constraints.

The current storm will soon wither.
We will forever protect them so they do not get hurt
and we will forever wait.

We are always standing by TVXQ
-China's TVXQ Baidu BAR-

Source: [DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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TVXQ 6th Anniversary Party
in Saudi Arabia

I got a friend who lived in Saudi Arabia, named MINA♥
last 26th dec.. She celebrate TVXQ's 6th anniversary with her friends...
She told me that she enjoy the party so much...
she even cant sleep after the party.. hehehe...

Here are some of the picX... The one in the pic is my friend..
Mina-chan... I loved ur hair.. ^,^

Cake's box... ^,^

Looks the cake was sooooo beautiful...
I love the cake...

Mina and the cake... ^,^

TVXQ!!! Happy Anniversary... I love you...
And i'm sure we all love you... ^,^

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Here goes for you some simple wallpapers
made by me hehe ^-^
Size : 1024 x 768
My Favorite Wallpaper :YooSu!
Changmin Retro JaeJoong My Crazy Love



credits: YukariiChangmin@tvxqpowerfullgods

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