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--♥ [Fanaccount]100613 ♥--
--♥ JYJ Thanks Giving Live In ♥--
--♥ Tokyo Dome ♥--

When we arrived in Tokyo ,Me [
Sayuri JaeJoong] and my sister[YukariiChangmin]
we entered in Tokyo train station till arrive in Tokyo dome city ...
So...we were there trhough in 8 minutes and 160 Yen by Marunouchi Subway Line
or 10 minutes and 150 Yen by JR Chuo Line with a transfer from the orange rapid
service to the yellow local service at Ochanomizu Station.

When We arrived in
Tokyo Dome City immediattly we remembered
of Secret Code Tokyo Dome when we were there too !
So excited to remember ne ???
We arrived in Tokyo Dome city at exact 11:00 am
So we were to find some place to eat
Sure YukariiChangmin can´t stop to talk about foods LOL]
So we solved to eat something pratice
Coz we were very nervous so we ate in Mc Donalds [
we love it ROFL]
See the map
Now we´re checking our tickets and
get some stuffs more to be prepared to enter in Tokyo Dome
We solved to check our blog [
TvxqpowerfulGods] from our laptop
It´s everything alright
Domo arigato for our Team]

Now it´s almost in the hour of open the gates
It´s now 3:50 pm and we´re prepared to enter already!
All bigeasts so excited and we aren´t different from this
In 100613 (Sunday) Doors opened at 16:00 / 18:00 pm (tentative)
In Tokyo Dome
We entered finally \0/ !


The show begun !!!
We did prepared all track list from
JYJ Thanks Giving Live
Tokyo Dome 100613 !

1. New Song
2. Shelter
3. Beautiful Love Kimi Ga Ireba
4. Kanashimi No Yukue - JunSu
5. For You (Korean) - Jaejoong
6. TOKYO LOVELIGHT - Yoochun & A Fan
7. Been so long - Jaejoong feat Mflo
8. Rainy Blue
9. Kimi Ga Iru Dake De [from Kome Kome CLUB ]
10. Greatest love of all
11. My Girlfriend - Yoochun
12. Maze - Jaejoong
13. XIAHTIC - Junsu
15. New Song [ Get ]
16. New Song [ Encore ]
17. Intoxication
18. New Song [Tachi no Omoi Desu]

1. New Song
They´re in white clothes
SoOoO handsome and they look serene in this time
I loved this new song is like a vocal warm-up for them!
They´re amazing in this song and in the climax of song there´s
a strong light in the middle of stage supa powerful !

Mento Video Part I:
It´s a really cool video where appear our boys traiining
for the show and something like that
JeJung talks a lot about their nervosism about the show.
In the end JeJung said that it´s alright and the show keeps.

2. Shelter
JaeChun Show Time !!!
They appear in the middle of stage
Supa powerful performance from Shelter !
Yuchun´s voice is totally stronger than normal
I really love to hear his manly voice !
They begun to walk through the stage and
JeJung is comming
To my side of stage !!!
I´m very close of him!God for the second time I see Him so close!!!
He´s stronger than before now
He has so beautiful body as I always said to my readers!
He´s backing to middle stage
Yuchun´s is comming for here now @w@!
It´s time to
YukariiChangmin got a stuff LOL!
My sister cry louder >.<>3.Junsu Kimi Ga Ireba
It´s time to Junsu appears for Us!!!
FiFFy JunJun I cried veryyy loud that U love Him so much
As I promissed to U , do U remember I´do it for U ???
He was soOoOo beautiful !!!
He looks a doll and he´s very delicate too as
In the screen begun to watch a drama short movie
There´s beautiful images from this drama and Junsu
sings like he never sings before !
In my opnion he has the most beautiful voice]
So it´s easy to understand when I said to
U It was really BEAUTIFUL and
Junsu sangs with so strong emotion !!!
Junsu I´ll never forget this performance !!!

Mento Video Part II
In this video it´s interesting coz
Appears a short video talking about
Yuchun´s drama In BeeTv !
LOL Yuchun looks embarassing haha \0/ cute cute !!!
Now it´s time to appear in screen Sunao Ni Narenakute
short cut video
JeJung is embarassing too
LOL but he´s always playing with the situation haha \0/
It´s really funny to see him so embarassing!
They´re talking about Sunao´s chars and it´s really
funny Junsu always doing so funny comments about Nakaji haha \0/!

4.JunSu Kanashimi No Yukue
Junsu begun to sing and this time
I confess I´m really hypnotyzed for his voice!
God... I´d like everyone can hear Junsu singing now!
He has an angel´s voice really !!! This man don´t have voice...
He has a true orchestra in his vocal cords !!!
Once again I cried loud :[
I promissed to ne FiFFY?]
"FiFFy JunJun [Our Junsu´s author in our blog]
Loves You , Junsu Kun !"
Woaaahhhh He looks for me !!!
Goddddd exists !!!

5.Jejung’s solo
(Kimi no tame ni/ Noreul wihae by Im Jaebum)
JeJung Entered on stage !!!
Lights in JeJung sure !!!
I noticed in this song that Jejung is singing tones down his usual vocal tone! JeJung is very concentrate coz this song is a strong ballad Me
[Sayuri JaeJoong] and Yukarii Changmin[My so beloved sister]
are paying attention in each detail
My sister agree with me about his vocal tone
He´s with a supa manly and powerful voice!
This song is very beautiful !

6.Yuchun solo Tokyo Lovelight
It was a really happy time !!!
Yuchun looks happy and he´so adorable on stage!
Yuchun has the power to do people really stand up of our seats!
JeJung and Junsu entered !
JeJung with pink t-shirt and junsu strong yellow t-shirt!
I love colors !!! They´re so happy now and we´re too !!!

7.JaeChun Been So Long
It was amazing!!!
All Tokyo Dome sang tohgether with them!!!
JaeJoong and Yuchun was incredible and honestly
I didn´t stop to jump !!!
The M-flo member is so "short" close
JaeChun LOL
But this guy knows how to put the public animated !!!
I loved this performance!
All Tokyo Dome sang and it was amazing!

8.Dancers Break Time
It´s time the dancers show us their value !
I recognize some dancers there some dancers were the same From
TSC Tour but I think not exactly all the dancers team! It was crazy coz people really liked their break time !

9.Mento Video Part III
Once again one more funny cut video !
They´re always kidding and showing for Us
All their nervosisms,anxieties about this show...
It´s really cool to see it It´s a form to be closer them !
But it´s very quick!

10.Rainy Blue
This song is really beautiful ne ???
They´re singing this song and the public is really quiet now
I think people getting with an emotional feeling now Coz impossible don´t remember our 5 members singing rainy blue before together ne ?]
The song is beautiful and they´re sining this it become more beautiful! They´re very concentrated in this song! Cool, really cool !!!

11.Kimi ga Iru Dake De
I never though they´d sing thissong in my life If U are japanese as we are
U know that this song was a really success here in
Japan in the 90´s years And this song have a really
happy atmosphere in the show!
I´m posting here the video with the lyric coz
LOVED this song a long time and for me
It was a really surprise to see them singing this !!!

The original song belongs to
Kome Kome Club
After them in
Japan,there´s an infinite groups that
remake this song and till now it´s a success !
The performance was supa happy !
And the dancers are women
Some jealous fans so funny now here at my side haha cute cute ne ???

12.I Have Nothing
Woahhhhhh O.o areeee ???
They singing I Have Nothing from Whitney Houston !!!
It was amazing to hear them singing so beaitiful song!!!
LOLI heard this song too when I was a child >.<>O.O
Sayuri JaeJoong] and YukariiChangmin are now like this 0.0 kkk!
All 3 members sang a lot and honestly
I really don´t know why people laugh from their english(
It´s a normal english and they singing in english is supa cute !!!
I think their english is really good !!!
Better than me
LOL !!! They´re with black pants and white shirt !
Supa elegant and they´re in the middle of stage !
So far from Us now

Mento Video Part IV:
It´s really good to see it ! Doshite ???
Do U remember Sam kun ???
This guy with a longponytail
That he´s always in tours
helping and supporting our boys ???
That´s him !!!
He appears in this mento video and in this
video shows a thousand
JaeChun moments it´s really cool to see
Junsu´s moments is really appreciated too !!!
They look to be happy for they´re in active mode in
Japanese activities now So everyone from Japan is happy too !!!

13.Yuchun Solo [My Girlfriend]
It wasssss AMAZING!!!
Our Yuchun is charming guy always ne ???
I loved his idea to get some fan from public to colaborate
in this performance
LOL !!!
YukariiChangmin is crying louder now and I cannot to hear absolutly Nothing
LOL but he chose a girl and honestly
What´s lukcy girl ne ??? She´s pretty and it was so
funny coz the girl looks so embarassing! Yuchun is a gentle man
LOL and he´showing for the girl all his charm LOL !!!
Lucky, lukcy girl !!! We loved the performance !!!

14.JeJung 2nd Solo [Maze]
On the screen appears a Fire SoOoOo excited and
I can fell JeJung´s presence !!! It´s his solo
Maze !!!
I´m crying louder as a crazy I am already
LOL !!!
He appears and I don´t need to tell U I am really crazy for
JeJung !!!
He was amazing!!! He pass the mosty time of Maze
performance running to a side and For another side too
LOL !!!
I took some photos from this !
He´s very tall and he really has so slim waist too
He runs so fast (
ROFL Ahh ne ne ne
When I saw the guitarrist and bassist I have the impression they are the same musicians From
Wild Soul [Changmin´Solo] ne ???
I asked for my sister and she said Yes they are!
LOVED the part of JeJung was in the middle os stage
He was there shaking his head xD haha \0/
and the wind below him took the scene ! SoOoOo cool !!!
Claps for
JeJung !!!

I LOVE Xiahtic !!!
This man is so HOT !!!
Junsu dances so perfectly and he sings so cool !!!
I loved his outfits !
Xiahtic is a great and perfect performance !!!
I´ll never forget this coz Everytime Just pass through
my thoughs that Junsu is a really talentous guy ne ???
He sings perfectly and dances too !!!
Incredible performance !!!

16.JaeChun Colors
I confess to U I really LOVE colors !!!
They´re so cute singing together and honestly
I felt that they´re supa full of emotions singing Colors!
JeJung was so cute and serene in this performance !!!
Yuchun looks satisfied with all show ! They´re looking so cute !!!
I loved this performance !!!

Mento Video Part V:
It was really Funny !!!
Junsu´s new gag LOL !!! Ohhh I confess I love his gag´s haha \0/ !
I think the mostly of japanese fans love to hear Junsu´s gag!!!
So funny when
Yuchun and JeJung appears LOL !!!
They´re kidding all the time with
Junsu !!!
Oh...How it´s great to see them happy !!!
It was a really happy atmosphere !!!

17.JYJ Ok
Nowww it´s the moment Me[
Sayuri JaeJoong]
And My twin sister [
YukariiChangmin] were waiting !!!
The balls throwing!!!
They begun to sing and they´re entered in those Big "cars"
to run all tokyo dome while they´re singing!
They begun to throw the balls
My eyes in the static mode
@w@ I really begin to pray for my
So beloved GOD with all my faith
People know me , know about my true faith in God]
I was with my hands really getting fire Coz
I was so hot tempearture and I don´t stop to ask for God
Onegai I want one ball , just one ball from JeJung!"
I was almost crying asking for God everybody is smiling and singing and
I´m not T^T Coz I came from Hokkaido so far away...
I don´t slept all last week ,just working in my office To can to go to Tokyo Dome T^T I really don´t stoped to ask for GOd...
"Onegaiiii T^T...I want a JeJung Ball!!!"
Andddd He throws in my side of stage
Me and my sister with BIG EYES LOL!!!
He threw two at once!!!
I got the yellow !!!!!!!
And my sister[YukariiChangmin]Got the Pink !!!!!!!!!
T^T... U exists ne T^T...
I really don´t need nothing anymore
This is our cute balls please check it
Mento Video Part VI:
JeJung begun the video saying domo arigato for
All support from fans !
Junsu and Yuchun made it too !
They looked so emotional feelings !
Honestly I confess
I was so touched with my cute ball that
I cannot control myself
I was crying a lot with my sister!
God knows about our efforts to be there in
Tokyo Dome T^T...
Sometimes we don´t eat while we don´t finished our job
To advance our job in last week before to travel to Tokyo Dome
So I really don´t pay attention in this moment!
I was so touched that I got the ball
I gave a kiss in my ball and
I saved my ball in my bag T^T so precious to me
snif ,snif]

It´s time to cry louder again
FiFFy JunJun Loves You,Junsu Kun!"
Haha \0/ FiFFy we promissed it to U ne ???
Gosh ntoxication´s performance was amazaing!!!
Junsu is so HOT!!!
Woahhhhhh my sister is crying loud of my side!!!
Guess who entered in the middle of Intoxication performance ???
JaeChun dancing Intoxication SoOoOo sexyyyy!!!
But it was very short moment
They jumped in a "hole" of stage
Anyway It´s doesn´t matter
Junsu keeps on stage and a thousand girls
Almost losing the air
LOL !!!

Mento Video Part VII:
It was a so touched mento video...
They´re talking about their feelings...
I think all Tokyo Dome too !!!

18.W [This Isn´t The End]
In this song I just have to say...
It´s impossible don´t cry...
When looked for my two sides
All tohoshinki´s fans are crying a lot
And me and yukarii are included too
I look a crazy coz I had to writte the lyric
while I heard Coz I want to do a video with trans
For fans all around the world ne ???
My Sister cried a lot coz she looked for stage
And where´s
HoMin ne ???
So I had to concentrate myself
I had a mission , remember ???
Here is the video with Trans for fans all around the world
Please If U want to do your own video with this trans
For the God sake Put the credits in the end of video Ok???
It´s the first video with
FULL english trans Ok ???
RESPECT our job please!

W means
Tohoshinki.I´m sure about it !
HoMin was there too in our hearts and in their hearts too!
They´re so touched singing this song!!!
In my opnion this was the most beautiful performance!
For a thousand reasons ne ???
W means is missing there
W means literally our boys [
5 Points]
I was touched too and my sister too!
We sang together with them !
It was amazing!!!

End of Show
They said Goodye for Us !
They look happy and honestly supa satisfied too !
Anddd Me[
Sayuri JaeJoong] and YukariiChangmin now
are backing to home with one more certainty...
REALLY LOVE Tohoshinki!
HoMin, We´re waiting for U too !!!

Thanks for Read it!

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