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[FANACCOUNT]110730 A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ

愛媛 エイネ

It´s not my 1st time attending to HoMin´s events in Japan but
Everytime I do it I feel a new emotion^^
HoMin´s is trying to keep alive some old songs of Tohoshinki and what can I say ?
I´m sooo proud of them.. for A-Nation they prepared an awesome performance including Rising Sun , Superstar ,时止め,Stand by U, Summer Dream , Somebody to Love and KYHD .


Before they star to perform Rising Sun there´s a short Intro of KYHD!
Ohh~~ it´s powerful and awesome!
When the short intro finish they start the first sounds of Rising Sun
And for our happiness it´s the Japanese Version of Rising Sun!
Screamssss screamsss!!! >.<””” After Rising Sun performace the boys looks exhausted . Then after few seconds Yunho starts to talk he says :” Mina San Konbanwa, Tohoshinki!” They do the greetings and start to talk with BIGEAST . They do the announcement of Tohoshinki’s new album that will be released on Sept 28 and a new Live Tour in early of January 2012!!!! Euphoria ?? !!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!! !!**screams and happiness**!! *We show support for our boys!!!


Superstar is a great performance!
They start to sing it and the positive energy is contagious !
We sang it together with the boys !!!!
Yunho´s long notes sounds awesome and Changmin super high notes at th end
Of the song is Purrrfecct!!!
In the end of the song the boys raise up their hands together with the backup dancers!

Now they do a Medley
时止め/Stand by U/ Summer Dream /Somebody to Love

When they started to sing I cried …
For my comfort I was not the only one crying ~lolz~
Ok I cried like a baby!(●´`●) ……..
After Stand by U changmin thank us and they continue to sing Summer Dream this time!
Ohh God how´s good to hear them singing these songs !
They keep Tohoshinki alive and we (BIGEAST) are proud of this!
The Energy of Summer Dream Live Is GREAT!!!! WHOA!!!
Somebody to Love now and it´s one of my favorite old songs of them!!!
Jump jump jump haha!!
Yunho Thank us again!!! Changmin looks exhausted .. but Always full of energy!!!!
They run through the whole stage!!!
Yunho has a powerful energy on stage as usual and Talking with the Bigeasts!!!
He´s a leader for sure!!!!! KYHD Superrrr Powerfulllll performance!!!
This song is awesome and the BIGEAST are prepared to Scream like crazy for them haha!
After so many performances of KYHD in their promotion, the boys really reach the Perfection of the performance on stage!
Awesome, powerful and Aggressive!!!

Time to back home everybodys seems really enjoy the A-Nation♥~
We are proud of HoMin and now expecting good news from
their new album upcoming and cheering for the new Live Tour in January 2012.


Some Audios(cut) from A-Nation^^


Somebody To Love


Stand by U

Summer Dream


A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ
(Somebody to Love cut)[HQ]

A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ
(时止め cut) my Audio [HQ]

A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ
(Stand by U cut) my Audio [HQ]

A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ
(Summer Dream cut) my Audio [HQ]

A_Nation ~東方神起~愛媛 エイネ
(★SUPERSTAR★) audio [HQ]

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[NEWS]110801 TVXQ’s Yunho & Claudia perform a ‘Star Wars’-themed performance on ‘Kiss & Cry’

Recently, we reported that TVXQ’s Yunho had become a Jedi Knight from Star Wars for his most recent ‘Kiss & Cry‘ performance.

His performance with partner, Claudia Mueller, was aired on July 31st, and Yunho brought out a spectacular show that included some lightsaber swordsmanship. The audience was shocked by not only his effortless skating, but the special fireworks shooting out from his skates as well.

The 4th round required a jump and Yunho decided to attempt an ‘axel jump’. An axel jump is a ‘difficult jump’ that has a forward take-off. Yunho shocked the judges by successfully completing his goal.

After the performance he said, “During rehearsals, the chances of failing the axel jump was 95% and the chances of succeeding was 5%, but I insisted on doing it.”

The judges commented in unison about their performance, “Yunho’s previous performances were more suited for a gala show but today’s performance looked more like an skating program” and “It was like seeing your 1st place winning Michael Jackson performance.”

On this day, Yunho and Claudia received a total score of 36.8 points.

Source: TV Daily via Nate, Star News via Nate
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Credits: as tagged + ppapppa
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Well let me explain here quickly...
I´ve been receiving a thousand tweets asking me about Protect The Boss Official Pics
There´s 2 official galleries from Protect the Boss
[SBS Official pics and Protect the Boss website gallery]
So remember !The official gallery has ALWAYS the Official Watermark ok?
Now I hope U enjoy in our gallery!

NOTE:Our Protect the Boss Official gallery on our layout will be updated according sbs official gallery and Protect The Boss Official gallery updates ok?

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[TRANS] 110729 Kang Yebin Says, “I Haven’t Been Able To Keep In Touch With YoungWoong Jaejoong”

Actress Kang Yebin held an open photoshoot at a cafe in Apgujeong on the 28th.

When asked what kind of relationship she and Kim Jaejoong have shared since she revealed a photo of the two looking close in February that quickly became a hot topic, Kang Yebin said, “That’s a photo that was taken on Jaejoong’s birthday. That was the first time we’d met,” and “Since then, I haven’t been able to keep in touch with him.”


Source: [sisa seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS] 110729 JYJ’s Representative States, “KBS’s Explanation Did Not Answer Our Questions At All”

A representative of Prain, the company in charge of JYJ’s PR, made a statement regarding KBS’s explanation as to why JYJ’s appearance on a KBS program was cancelled.

This representative stated, “KBS’s explanation did not answer a single question that JYJ’s representatives made,” and “What JYJ’s representatives called for was the reason why JYJ’s appearance was suddenly cancelled.” He continued to add, “We believe that JYJ, who were already promoting the cause as honorary ambassadors, could have appeared on the program as planned, regardless of Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s appearances. Other honorary ambassadors who were promised an appearance performed as planned, so we do not know why only JYJ were given a notification of cancellation.“

JYJ were scheduled to appear on the KBS special program ‘Challenge! 7 Natural Wonders of the World, This is Jeju’ as honorary ambassadors to the island’s nomination but were given a notification of cancellation by KBS four days before the performance. To this, JYJ’s representatives stated in an official statement that, “We have reported this case to the Fair Trade Commission and will carry out a lawsuit against the obstructions made against JYJ’s independent activities.”

On the 28th, KBS stated in their viewers’ thread that, “We received a call of confirmation from Girls’ Generation and f(x), who were on our list of celebrities to cast in the performance, saying that they would be able to perform,” and “As Girls’ Generation and f(x) have already spread out globally, even to Europe, we decided that their appearance would be more effective in promoting Jeju, which is in the running to be one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, to the world(broadcasting live to 72 countries through KBS World).”

The Prain representative stated, “We do not wish to cause a conflict with KBS because of this issue,” and “However, we will wait for the verdict from the Fair Trade Commission regarding this issue and we hope that such illogical events will not occur again in the future.”

Source: [10 asiae]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[TRANS]110801 JYJ member Kim Junsu has made his appearance in Scent of a Woman?

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