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[TRANS]110717 Choi Kanghee Describes Jaejoong on Her Radio Show

Choi Kanghee, the female lead of Protect the Boss, also has her radio show. The below is a clip in which she is reading a message/request by a fan who mentions Jaejoong. She laughs and then gives her short impression about Jaejoong. ^^


(A message from) Text # 8883-nim.
Kang Unni, are you preparing well for the drama?
(Choi Kanghee answers:) No, I am now filming it.
Please do so relaxed, watching your health! It will be horrible if you fall sick. I am expecting (lots)! I ask for JYJ’s “Found You.” You know, right? Jaejoong-kun.
(Laugh) Yes I know. JYJ’s Jaejoong-kun. We are filming the drama together, you know. Yes, he is extremely nice. He also has good manners. He’s cool/wonderful.

Source: @Ceskjj
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥


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