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We all know what a reliable and mature magnae Changmin is, and I found a couple of videos of him supporting his hyungs which was so adorable! If anyone has anymore
instances comment and I'll add it to the list! :D

Watch 2:45 onward. ;) Changmin supports Yoochun's high notes.
When his hyungs are in a difficult spot,

the youngest steps out to support them.
On DBSK's 4th comeback stage, all the members caught a cold, on that day Jaejoong's condition was the most serious.

Now please watch Changmin.
Jaejoong who is affected by his cold is finding it hard to sing.

Changmin is watching him worriedly.
Once his part is over, he turns to watch Jaejoong again.
He continues to watch Jaejoong to make sure he's okay.

During the adlib part, Changmin watches Jaejoong struggle with the notes and watches him worriedly. Even though Jaejoong sings well, Changmin still seems to be unsettled and worried.

2007.11.16 THSK is performing Forever Love. On that day, everyone was down with a cold again. It was hard on all of them once again, but Junsu particularly was hit the hardest.
Once again, observe Changmin.
Changmin who is watching Junsu from time to time.
When Junsu has to hit his high notes,

his voice sounds like he is struggling.
Changmin continues to watch over Junsu.
Suddenly, he raises his mike and follows Junsu's high notes.
(@1.46, OMG I never even noticed although I've watched this performance tens of times. Compared this with the original Forever Love performance in Bigeast and this is supposed to be Junsu's solo.)
Changmin is still worried and keeps continues watching Junsu.
Listen to it one more time, Changmin's voice is supporting Junsu's.

YH: our youngest, changmin. actually although we joke around a lot, changmin has the deepest thoughts in thsk, and he knows how to manage and support this hyungs well.

There are times where Changmin displays his charm as the youngest but there are also times that he is as mature as his hyungs. Your thoughts are always the deepest; one whom THSK cannot do without. An important presence, Shim Changmin.

Video: TohoDancoFighto + makirain + YUAERUBI
Credit: candy_swirlz@dbsg

Shared by: http://www.princeshimchangmin.blogspot.com/

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