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--♥ [TRANS] ♥--
--♥ JYJ The Determination ♥--
--♥ In Their Eyes ♥--

On the 11th just after 1800, at Tokyo Haneda International Airport departure hall appeared 2 people.
Yuchun, in plaid shirt, was followed by Junsu in white short-sleeved T-shirt, with a black bag on his right shoulder, flying from Korea to Japan for the LIVE in Tokyo Dome which was scheduled on 12th and 13th. On the 5th in Kyocera Dome, Jejung who was still continuing his shooting for Japanese series, was tearing when response to the warm support from the fans.
New song [
W] was revealed during encore, conveyed their determination of 'just want to sing' through this it. [When can meet again], hoping to stand on stage again as 5 members' TVXQ, that's the impression of the lyrics. Had been surrounded by a large number of fans till they went in the car, Junsu and Yuchun had been staring ahead, their attitude at that time as if conveying their determination.

Putting all their efforts to present a perfect stage for everyone.

During that time, (they) also been through a period of hell like training.
Their fully packed schedule with increasing in member's solo activities, and rehearsal for LIVE that couldn't be drop off.

Always continued rehearsal until couldn't carry on.

At the same time (they) completed venue confirmation and rehearsal in large venue in less than 2 days.
When couldn't work together as three, 'then strive hard individually', (they) also inspired each other to practice dance and etc.
'Up till now, is the busiest time.' 'Will keep on training even at rest'. Had said a lot like this.

When once asked 'Why do you want to try so hard?', three of them said,
'Until now, we have been working together as 5. However this time the LIVE only got 3 of us. Therefore, it is necessary (for us) to make up for it to achieve perfectness with all of our efforts! But, not to disappointed the fans, (and the fans) can be satisfied with the stage this time, till before coming back of the other 2, we are going to try our very best to make up for it.'

For the fans, for the day of returning of Yunho and Changmin, three of them strive hard. Keeping in such faith, three of them persist even though suffered from exhausted training.

3hree Voices' DVD, the documentary of the three members which mention about their activities in the future will be released on 28th of July.

Besides that, Yuchun even mentioned 'Because there are people who can't attend these 4 concerts, so hoping to make it for 20 times in the future!'
This heat up the atmosphere immediately.
'For everyone who is keep on waiting, (we are) going to sing with all our heart. After Osaka, concerts in Tokyo Dome also ended perfectly.'
With heart pounding excitement, Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun already couldn't find anymore words to thank their fans. Surrounding them were fans who were waving in red glow sticks. (And) Fans who were crying loudly could be seen everywhere.

On 12th and 13th in Tokyo Dome, (performing) LIVE as a new unit. Following the concerts in Kyocera Dome, (with) a total 4 days of 'comeback' stage, three of them achieved great success.
On 12th LIVE in Tokyo Dome, Juri Ueno and Tetsuji Tamayama, cast of
Sunao ni Narenakute had attended the concert. Junsu's father was there too.

When three of them performed at their best on stage with bright expression, there was an urge to embrace them.

In the Thank You dinner which was also participated by staff, when they made a toast, they all shed their tears at the same time.
It has been 2 months since the suspension of
Tohoshinki's activities in April. During this period of time, the 5 of them had never performed together again.

Junsu and Jejung clenched their teeth, 'felt more nervous than the day of debut, the legs were even 'ka ta ka ta' a bit out of control.' 'Never thought of how successful want to achieve through this concert, only hope that it can ended perfectly is enough (for us). Able to keep on working hard for it, is really good!'

Before this,
Yuchun still having a little bit of complicated feelings.
Yuchun felt a bit apologetic, 'Frankly speaking I did not made an 100% effort, now I am regreting...'
In fact, the concert in Osaka was carried out smoothly, so the staff encouraged
Yuchun, 'No such thing, (the performance is) really great and fantastic!'
However he said' Please give me more time,
I am going to perform perfectly in Tokyo Dome this weekend!'
Once again, three of them raised their glass 'the Comeback concert that will be perfect till the very end' as final toast.

Three of them had been together in the 2 hours long Thank You Dinner.
After drinking, they used Oolong tea to ease the effect of alcohol.
They went back home immediately after the dinner.

After that,
Jejung stayed in Japan because of his shooting for drama series, Yuchun and Junsu once again back to Korea.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 百度Xiah俊秀吧 + 秀译金声翻译组
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + TvxqPowerfulGods
Posted By:
Sayuri JaeJoong

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