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[Trans] 110121 Yahoo Music Japan – TVXQ Fax Interview

With the release of the Japanese version of ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’ on January 26, it will allow everyone to appreciate Tohoshinki’s dynamic dance choreography. Just what type of song is this? Please introduce some noteworthy places to look out for…

Yunho: “Personally, I like the style of a strong sense of rhythm. That way, rap also becomes a main point. With the repetition of melodies in the lyrics ‘Why, why, why’, it contains elements of rock, which I think is unique.”

Changmin: “It is a song that fits Tohoshinki’s style, especially with the powerful beats. Anyone who’s heard it will understand that the tone and performance blend together to give an intoxicating impression on people.”

‘Why’ was chosen as the main theme song for upcoming Fuji TV drama ‘Beautiful Neighbour’. If the two members were given the choice to appear in a Japanese television drama, what type of content and character would you try out?

Yunho: “Up until now, everyone has always seen my relatively strong masculinity, so I want try being a romantic character in a drama with a theme of love.”

Changmin: “There are so many types of characters I want to try. If it’s a Japanese drama, because there will be difficulties in terms of language communication, it might restrict the full expressive portrayal of the character. If I had to pick one, I would bring myself into a world completely different others and be a novelist.”

On January 25 and 26 ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO” will be held at the Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Can you please tell us how you feel about it?

Yunho: “It’s been so long since we’ve held activities in Japan, so we want to bring Tohoshinki’s charisma to the audience, creating a boundlessly handsome stage no one will forget.”

Changmin: Standing on the Japan stage after so long; I feel really nervous. It makes me proud that I’m able to perform on such a grand stage with my fellow SMTOWN family – able to stand on the stage individually. I hope all the SM artists can successfully complete the magnificent ‘SMTOWN LIVE’!

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