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[NEWS] 020211 Why did Xiah Junsu cry after his first musical performance?

Kim Junsu, also known as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, cried tears of joy. On February 1st, the musical, Tears of Heaven‘s ribbon cutting was taken place and after the performance, he was able to meet the world renown producer, Frank Wildhorn and shed tears in front of him.

On this day at the concert hall, it was the opening of Tears of Heaven where Frank Wildhorn attended and afterwards, he went into the make-up room to encourage the actors. After the musical finished successfully, he praised Kim Junsu highly for his stage performance and his vocal skills.

Upon hearing these praises, Xiah Junsu said, “I wanted to show him a better performance,” and ended up crying and in response to this, Frank Wildhorn hugged him and even told him that he wants to meet him on Broadway.

Along with Xiah Junsu, Brad Little, Yoon Gongjoo, Jung Sangyoon, Jun Dongsuk and many other actors were able to successfully finish the performance of Tears of Heaven on opening night and they are planning on continuing this musical until March 19th.

Source: wonwon @ newsen.com ----- Link to original source (Korean)
Translation: eunjin @ kpoplive.com ----- Link to translation
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