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[NEWS] United Stages Vienna Representative Sees Value in Junsu the Musical Actor

VBW Representative Thomas Drozda, “Junsu’s Star Marketing Left A Deep Impression”

“Korea’s musical industry is expanding rapidly in a short time, it is foreseen that the growth will be expedited in the future. This will especially be true via the ticketing power of pop stars like Kim Junsu, which left a deep impression on me.”

The representative, Thomas Drozda (46), from United Stages Vienna (VBW), the production company that brought ‘Mozart!’ to Korea, received an interview on the 30th last month.

After witnessing the Korea ticket sales of ‘Mozart!’, Drozda expressed shock towards the influence that stars like Kim Junsu has on the popularity of musicals.

He said, “In Austria, idol stars like Kim Junsu have never tried musicals before”, “The musical industry and the scope of a pop star’s activities never overlap”. He continued, “What is most important, is that Junsu attracted a new level of audience, and this is very valuable. Due to the influx of idol stars with strong fanbases into the Asian musical industry, the audience now has a wider composition.”

Source: [Herald Media] + [TVXQ Baidu]
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