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[INTERVIEW] 110713 Jaejoong Slept Alongside Ji Sung Wearing Only Underwear; Warmth and Fun in Filming Set

Jaejoong Slept Alongside Ji Sung Wearing Only Underwear… Twice

Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is in Ji Sung Illness (T/N: Korean term. In this context it means that Jaejoong is occupying himself with Ji Sung.)

Kim Jaejoong is appearing in a domestic drama for the first time through SBS TV’s Protect the Boss. After he tasted acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman, he caught its drift through Sunao Ni Narenakute of Japan’s Fuji TV.

Kim Jaejoong, who will play a second generation chaebol Cha Muwon, is cousins with Cha Jihun played by Ji Sung. They fight over the right of control over the management due to an incident from their parents’ generation, and come to stand in conflict. Jaejoong expresed his thanks: “I struggle with Ji Sung Hyung over power but in truth I became quite close with Hyung. Faced with the awkward atmosphere of (it being) my first drama, I was not able to easily approach (others) but Hyung was kind enough to himself approach me first.”

The impetus that made Jaejoong even closer with Ji sung was the MT that they went on with the cast and staff. Jaejoong confessed: “Before going into the filming in earnest, Ji Sung Hyung organized an MT so I came to go. In the beginning it was awkward because we met as a sunbae and hubae. But later we drank and I came to sleep in our underwears only with Hyung.”

Jaejoong chatted: “After that, Ji Sung contacted me to do script practice together and so I went to his house to play. That day too I came to sleep on Hyung’s bed in my underwear. In the MT, we slept, saying “who cares since we are both men?” As for the second time, he said: “We did it the first time so who cares about the second time?” It seems that as we went through a lot together, we came to be close friends fast.”

Kim Jaejoong is just too happy with the filming set. He tries to contain his laughter watching Ji Sung and Park Youngkyu (58). “Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim )T/N: Korean term of respect that literally means “teacher”) is usually very dignified and looks like a gentleman but when he starts acting he is too funny. Ji Sung Hyung is Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim’s son and he appears as a delinquent. As such, even lines that seem normal are acted out in slang that does not seem like slang, secret speech. Four-letter words (T/N: curse words) that do not seem like four-letter words appear and it is just too fun.”

Further, he expressed his satisfaction, saying: “As for Ji Sung Hyung, he purposefully helps me a lot. But the others too, I can see, are attempting to take care of me. Choi Kanghee nuna without fail sends me a text if we were not able to say goodbye after the filming is over. It seems that as compared to the number of times that we have met, the nervousness is declining fast. The sunbaes are treating me with such warmth.”

Kim Jaejoong is newly challenging himself with a new determination. He confessed: “When I was filming Heaven’s Postman I was in a stage that was filled with desires/hopes as a singer (only) so did not have such for other fields. As such, I was not able to have either the time or the mindset to film a movie.”

He explained: “There was no one who taught me what a movie was. Also it wasn’t that I was filming continuously, but I was filming a few scenes and then going back to be active as a singer and then filing again. As such, it feels that I just filmed without even understanding the continuity of emotions. I think that because of me Han Hyoju, who filmed with me, also must not have had a calm head. After I filmed a drama in Japan, things changed a lot. I think I learned very much and it was the impetus by which I was able to have the mindset of an actor.”

Kim Jaejoong expressed his confidence: “The message contained in the drama may be a bit heavy. The drama is portraying not merely the problems faced by the job seekers but also the hardships endured by the regular people as employees of a corporation. However I believe that inside of that, the drama can form a place of empathy with the viewers and allow them to laugh and be moved at the same time.”

Source: Newsis
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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