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Update: In reply to Junsu's tweet about Jaejoong being one of a kind, Jaejoong responded by tweeting back, "I think I can do without a girlfriend^^ Yesterday while we were shooting, after a long time - I felt that it is enough just having you guys^^ㅎ You've given me so much strength, Junsu-yah^^ We're in this together for a lifetime. Thank you, for being by my side."

On July 25th, JYJ's Jaejoong expressed that he misses his fellow TVXQ members, Yunho and Changmin on his Twitter. He wrote, "I don't know if it's okay for me to say this.. I miss Yunho and Changmin as well.. No matter what people say, they are our members and I know them better than anyone.. Although people may say I'm foolish.. I really miss them after all this time."

"Junsu is always the first among the members to wake up. Among the tired members, the first to do his hair, make up and the first to do his shoot. He has been like this for 8 years. Junsu's sincerity is what brought us here and I've come to emulate Junsu as a colleague and friend. There are a lot of lifelong lessons to be learned from Junsu."

"Yoochun who is always impartial. He is always in the middle watching over everyone. That's why the members do not have such thoughts that we're alone. During difficult times, he shares his free spirit with everyone and makes us feel secure."

Fans who saw the tweet replied, "Oppa. Oppa, you're a really cool and great guy. I want to see you 5 together again," "Are you okay? I don't know what happen with you that make you said that ~ but everything can be we can miss everybody who we loved," "Jaejoong forever the greatest fan of DBSK5," and "I know now why you're called Hero, cause you're the Hero for Cassiopeia. Thx jae! Aktf."

His fellow member Junsu saw the tweet and replied, "Hyung, do you know??
That in this world, there is no one else like you...??^^"

Jaejoong has expressed his desire to be five before and recently made a comment on the illegal cover of TVXQ's "Wasurenaide" with "'Wasurenaide' is not mine or any one person's song. It is a song that belongs to the 5 member TVXQ. Therefore I do not want one person or 3 people to sing it."

Source: @ceciliase7en, @onetvxqforums, @mjjeje, @0101xiahtic, @joejjang, John Egg, and Debi
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