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[TRANS] 110628 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Creative Challenge’ Shone Brightly

The directing skills of ‘Director Kim’ has made JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s concert shine brighter. Kim Jaejoong was in charge of the tour’s Asia leg which took place in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea from April 2nd with the concept ‘Creative challenge’. The concert tour spanned across ten cities in seven countries and held its encore performance at the Yeom Joo Gymnasium in Gwangju on the 26th.

The most prominent characteristic of the Asia leg that Kim Jaejoong directed is the fact that the concerts were ‘interaction concerts’ that succeeded through a harmony that is created by the fans in the audience and the members. JYJ and their fans interacted and connected through their music. A special moment was during ‘Found You’ when both the singers and fans shouted ‘I love you’ during the chorus as they became one to create an exciting performance.

In the June 11th and 12th Busan concerts, a triangular projected stage design was used to ensure that the members could be seen from every angle. Busan, the final location of the world tour, was visited by 17,000 fans across two performances that sold out and reaped in great successes.

At the time, Kim Jaejoong said, “We worked hard to create a stage that was more special than those in the world tour,” and “We will work hard to make this an opportunity for us to grow.” He expressed his joys of connecting with his fans as he said, “We tried to talk a lot during the performance, and I’m glad we did.”

To the fans, Kim Jaejoong asked, “It would be nice if we had lots of concerts, right?” He then promised, “I’m happy that we were able to see that we’re loved by many people in North America, as well as Asia. Next time, we’ll be back with better songs and performances.”

At the Gwangju concert, the members acted out a parody of KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert’, which they confessed to watching on a regular basis, and made their audience laugh. Each member’s solo performance also enhanced the quality of the concert. ‘I love You’, ‘I can soar’, and ‘Still in Love’ showed off each member’s unique color and showcased a different and sophisticated stage with their female dancers.

Kim Jaejoong said, “As this is our last concert, I want it to be one that gives us lots of close interaction with our audience and isn’t one that feels too structured. JYJ have even planned some surprise events,” and “Support us and believe in us till the end.” The audience replied by giving him a sincere round of applause.

Kim Jaejoong showed off his adept directing skills when he took on the role of directing ‘Rhythm Gymnastic Princess’ Sohn Yeon Jae’s first gala show at the Hwajung Gymnasium in Korea University. He was recognized for his work as he chose the right music, stage effects, choreography and costumes to create a lively performance.

Having pulled off a ‘Creative Challenge’ through JYJ’s world tour, Kim Jaejoong will be greeting domestic drama viewers with the SBS drama ‘Protect The Boss’. He will be taking on the role of Cha Moo Won, ‘the prince of the financial world’, and many are curious to see what new ‘Creative challenge’ he will bring to the drama.

Source: [today korea]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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