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[TRANS] 110717 Kim Jaejoong Says, “The Tension I’m Getting From Appearing In This Drama Is Great”

We wonder what it feels like to be a top singer debuting as a rookie actor. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong(25) is taking on the domestic drama industry for the first time as a successor to a conglomerate in SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. His role has become a hot topic, even being compared to Hyun Bin’s character in SBS’ ‘Secret Garden’.

He said, “It feels like I’ve gone back to my rookie days. Being able to adjust to a new environment is key right now. Being active as a celebrity for close to ten years now, my mind and body are worn out and I even joke that I’m suffering from a form of ‘menopause’. Many say that I’ll feel a lot of pressure and stress from debuting as an actor, but I like the feeling of tension that I’m getting from this.” This was an interview that allowed the readers to feel Kim Jaejoong’s honesty.

-The reason you chose ‘Protect the Boss’ as your domestic drama debut?
“Since appearing in the Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenukte’ last year, I’ve been looking over countless scenarios for domestic movies and dramas without rushing in. There were quite a number of productions that I had to turn down because it overlapped with my schedule. But the moment I got the scenario of ‘Protect the Boss’ in my hands, I had a good feeling about it. It was funny and I felt that the character fit me really well.”

-Your character Cha Mu Won, a ‘Cold City Guy’, is being compared to Hyun Bin?
“Cha Mu Won is a talented businessman, and though he is gentlemanly to people, he has a mysterious coldness and cool-headedness. There are people who compare Cha Mu Won to Hyun Bin’s Kim Ju Won because they are both successors to a conglomerate, but the characters, and the people who are acting them out, are slightly different.”

-What would you give your acting out of 100?
“I don’t know, probably one? I don’t think I’m in the stage yet to say this or that about my acting. I just hope that I don’t feel out-of-place as I act with my fellow cast members in the drama. I want to be able to feel that I have good chemistry with the other actors.”

-Your expected viewer ratings?
“The higher the better. haha. Since ‘City Hunter’, the drama preceding ours, did well, won’t our drama shoot off from that momentum? But I believe that I should be focusing more on stable acting than viewer ratings.”

-What is the atmosphere like on location?
“Though I’m the youngest on location, Ji Sung hyung is in charge of being the mood maker. I want to be loved by my seniors for being a good actor. Cha Hwa Yeon and Park Young Gyu give me a lot of great advice. The atmosphere is so good that we were too busy laughing during our script rehearsal.”

-You’ve said some hard truths to your ‘sasaeng fans’?
“I am completely certain that ‘sasaeng fans’ are wrong. A problem lies within some of the taxi drivers too. How else could overseas fans wait outside our houses and follow us around? There are some people who encourage the activity and say, ‘What you’re doing is okay, all you need to do is stop following them around if they say they don’t want you to.’ Once a taxi starts tagging along, it’s hard to lose them. It’s too dangerous to speed up too. If they start tagging along on the highway, I’d have to drive down to Gyeonggi-do to get rid of them but there are still people who will follow me that far.“

-You successfully completed your world tour recently.
“It was fun. I was so proud of our staff and members when the tour was over. We sang our own compositions and took charge of directing the concerts. I was happy and proud of the fact that we held the tour without borrowing help from other companies.”

-It’s still hard to promote in Japan.
“Recently, we held a concert to raise donations for the Japanese earthquake. It was very meaningful for all of us because it was our first concert in Japan in a while. There were problems with securing a venue because of external pressure from our former Japanese agency, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. I believe that there are many things to come in the future.”

-It’s impossible to find JYJ’s albums in Japanese record shops.
“It’s shocking. JYJ’s album are currently not being distributed in Japan. We used to be the forerunners of the Hallyu Wave, but it hurts to know that we can’t even include ourselves in amongst the other stars anymore. If we can survive with our time and effort, then we’ll work at it till the end. When things don’t work out, I feel sorry to our Japanese fans.”

-You became a hot topic for singing Lim Jae Beom’s ‘For You’ at your Japanese concert.
“I sang For you’ at our concert. Afterwards, Lim Jae Beom sang the same song in ‘I Am a Singer’, making my performance a hot topic. It made me feel good though it isn’t my piece. I like seeing old and fragrant songs becoming an issue, and I want to hold a concert or release an album with just remakes of old songs.”

-Are you dating anyone? What is your ideal type?
“I’m currently not dating anyone and my opinion on my ideal type has changed greatly. In the past, I would invest a lot of time into making her gifts. I would write letters or fill diaries and give them to her on our anniversaries, but I’m not going to do that anymore. Have I become a bad boy? haha. I used to have an ideal type but I don’t have one anymore. I think I’ll know who I want to marry after I’ve spent a lot of time with her.”

Source: [Ilgan Sports]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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