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[NEWS]110927 JYJ ranks the top charts without appearing on TV and proves their popularity

According to Olleh Music on the 26th, the songs of JYJ’s first special official album, “In Heaven”, which consists of the songs released during JYJ’s World Tour, ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for two consecutive weeks.

It is more significant than other artists who released their albums at the same time because JYJ hit the top charts even though they did not appear on any music TV shows. Not only that, pre-order of the album that will be released on the 27th, exceeded 300,000 copies and are already sold out in a few online stores. The orders from Japan, China, and other countries in Asia cannot meet the demand of the market. Nevertheless, JYJ cannot be found on any TV shows or music programs.

JYJ’s management company C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “Nobody asked JYJ to appear on a show. However, we plan to wait until the release of the official album. Back in May, KBS restricted JYJ’s appearance on TV shows since they struggled with their former management company. However, the judge reassured about JYJ’s rights, and KBS said that JYJ will be able to appear once they have their official album released. We look forward to appear for those who have waited for JYJ’s album.”

However, JYJ has more things planned for their album besides their appearance on TV.

An acquaintance of JYJ’s album marketing revealed, “For the second half of the year, JYJ will focus on performing abroad in Spain, Germany, other European countries, and Japan. Not only that, they are coming up with diverse ways to meet their fans.”

JYJ’s title song “Get Out” has been inserted to a commercial of an electronics company to make themselves popular among the public. They are planning to make a professional video community to communicate with global fans and are also working on a donation project for the poor and needy.

Source: TvReport
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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