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[TRANS] 110921 [Survey by Experts No.1 Idol] The ‘Best Vocal Talent’ In The Idol World Is?

2011 was a bloody battlefield for idols in Korea. An estimation has been made that the number of boy bands and girl groups will surpass 100 by the end of this year. The assessments made on each group mostly revolves around their popularity and the people responsible for this are fans and the public. But what do experts think about each member in each group? A survey was given to 30 vocal trainers for singing abilities, 27 choreographers (and dancers) for performances, and 18 plastic surgeons for looks.

Ballad idols 2AM were chosen as the male group with the most vocal talent overall. Eight out of the 30 chose 2AM.

Jo Hong Gyung of the vocal training academy Voicefect said, “As a ballad group who must appeal to listeners with their vocal talent, their foundation is very sound,” and “SHINee’s vocal talent stands out as well as they try to sing like their studio version, 2AM are a step above them.”

SHINee followed 2AM in second place with five votes. Vocal trainer Jo Hae Young said, “SHINee express their songs well with their own unique color and their musicality is extraordinary.”

Big Bang and JYJ were third with four votes each as they were given the comments, “They have their own unique style and are able to express any song in their own color,” and “Each member of JYJ has great talent,” respectively.

2AM’s Lee Changmin received nine votes and was chosen as the male idol with the most individual vocal talent. Vocal trainer Yoo Ui Joo, who once sang in the female quartet BGH4, stated, “Lee Chang Min’s charm is that his singing style doesn’t follow the trends and he’s able to show off his vocal talent with ease.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu came in second place while MBLAQ’s G.O. was third. Acapella singer and teacher at the Changjo Music Academy Han Min Woo stated, “Kim Junsu is able to correctly identify the emotions that are needed in a song and he knows how to bring those emotions forth,” while Kim Tae Hwan stated, “G.O. has a sophisticated color and his rhythm and diction are good.”


Source: [edaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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