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[TRANS] 110927 JYJ: We Have Not Received Any Broadcast Invites..We Trust Fairness In KBS

Even though JYJ has not been on any broadcast programs, they have swept many online charts, proving their popularity. However, fans are still very concerned if they would be able to appear on broadcast programs.

According to Olleh Music, the main song of JYJ’s first Korean album “In Heaven” has won top three places consecutively in two weeks. Such achievement is much meaningful with the fact that they were not being able to appear on any music programs as compared to other artistes that had released new songs in the same period.

In addition, the album will be released on 28 September, but their preorder sales have hit over 300,000 copies, causing a temporary sell out in many online music websites. The demand and supply of this album is being challenged in many Asian countries such as Japan and China. However, currently, JYJ is still in the situation of not being able to appear in any music programs.

CJES expressed, “There has not been any TV broadcasts invites yet. However, the reason might be that the album has not been released yet. We will monitor this situation closely.”They also revealed, “In may, KBS mentioned that JYJ had contract conflicts with their former agency, hence not being able to appear on music programs. We have also officially expressed twice that JYJ’s entertainment activities has been permitted by the court. KBS has accepted this explanation and had expressed that when JYJ’s official album is released, appearing on TV will not be a problem. We trust in the broadcast company’s fairness, and we hope JYJ would be able to perform, for all their fans who have been waiting for JYJ’s album.”

However, JYJ’s music promotional activities will not be focusing only broadcasts. JYJ’s music industry manager expressed, “In their next half of their activities, JYJ, as a Korean artiste, will be performing in European countries such as Spain and Germany,, as well as hold a large scale Japanese concert. Besides TV broadcasts, we have prepared other ways for JYJ to meet the mass public.”

Currently, JYJ’s main song “Get Out” is well known through the LG electronics advertisement, and will produce a specialized video interaction platform in future so as to be able to interact with their fans worldwide.

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