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1. Wich documentation is necessary to exchange a ticket?

Printed ticket or delivered to home one and DNI to check everyone’s age.

2. Ticket has another name on it because it was a gift/bought by a friend - what does it happens in this case?

You can get your ticket entry without any problems as long as the ticket will be valid.

3. Can someone exchange a ticket non attached to his/her name?


4. Can someone exchange more than one ticket?


5. Just people with e-ticket must exchange their ticket or people who received it at home too?

Everyone must exchange their tickets at the ticket office for the matching bracelet.

6. When you exchange a VIP or Super VIP ticket are you gonna get a numbered bracelet?

Yes, every bracelet it’s gonna have a matching number according to a seat.

7. People with a normal ticket (fosse) must also exchange their ticket?

Yes. Every type of tickets must be exchanged at the ticket office for the matching bracelet.

8. Are fosse’s tickets numbered?

No, fosse’s tickets aren’t numbered.

9. What is the ticket office’s schedule?

Ticket offices are gonna be open:

- Friday 28th of October, from 18:00h to 21:00h

- Saturday 29th of October, from 10:00h to 21:30h

10. Where is the presents/gifts check point to JYJ’s members gonna be?

At credentials’ point, in front of the tickets office.

11. Where are VIP and Super VIP tickets gonna get their poster and/or t-shirt?

At the tickets office, where you can exchange your ticket.

12. Where are recommendation’s tickets gonna get their t-shirt/badges?

At the ticket office, where you can exchange your ticket.

13. Are ticket office gonna sell tickets?

Yes, you will be able to buy tickets at the ticket office

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