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[TRANS] 111004 JYJ Release Their First Korean Album, “Now We Focus On Being Grateful For The Good Things”

The fans must have waited a long time for them. But their independent activities in the K-Pop industry have not been easy. They didn’t feel the need to blame anyone else because it was a result of their own choices. They are just grateful to even be able to release an album. ‘In heaven’, JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s first Korean special album, has finally been released. JYJ have faced many hardships since parting ways with TVXQ and the nation’s top entertainment agency SM Entertainment in July of 2009. But because this was a path that they had chosen, they endured it all and their fans followed them. This album is a small gift from JYJ to these fans who have waited so long for their return.

“This album is so meaningful to us in many ways. We’re thrilled because it’s our first Korean album. It contains all the efforts we’ve put in for the past two years. I think fans will be able to feel this the most. The new songs in the album are ones we’ve been releasing since January. We take pride in the fact that more than 80% is made up of our own efforts.” (Jaejoong)

Though they declared independence and left, they didn’t have any songs that they could perform on stage right away. So they had to write their own songs.

The fruits of their labor stacked up one by one and were contained in this album. And for better or for worse, they even had to tak up directing their own concerts to stand on stage as singer-songwriters. It was an opportunity for them to grow. How do they work when they’re creating new music?

“We’ve never once clashed when working on our songs. Instead, we try to listen to each other’s opinions so we ask questions and try to accommodate to each other. When we work like that, we always end up with good opinions.” (Junsu)

“We hope this becomes a great gift to our fans because they’ve given us strength and courage till now by waiting for us for so long. We didn’t write our own songs just because we wanted to be called singer-songwriters. At first, it was hard. Because we didn’t have any songs that we could use at concerts at the moment. You could say that we turned our misfortunes into an advantage. We learned so much from those hard times because we had to take charge of everything, starting from the basics. A new kind of trust has formed between the members that’s different from the one we had in the past. We’ve also become more confident about our next album.” (Yoochun)

‘In heaven’, the name of JYJ’s new album as well as the title song that was written by Kim Jaejoong, features songs that were introduced to their fans during the ‘JYJ World tour 2011′ this year. But the album was swept up in controversy as soon as it was released recently. Of the three major broadcasting companies, only KBS stated that the ‘P.S.M’ in ‘You, who becomes blind in the face of many, are a pro. A real P.S.M’, an excerpt from the lyrics of ‘Pierrot’, means ‘President. Lee Soo Man’ and did not pass the songs in its review of the album, claiming that is gives the impression of making a personal attack on an individual.

“While the album was being reviewed, SBS and MBC asked what P.S.M. meant and we explained that it was an acronym for ‘Performer Success Museum’, but KBS didn’t even ask us and released such results. Anyway, we have to ask for a retrial for the songs.” (Jaejoong)

As they’ve faced so many difficulties till now, they feel as though they’ve mastered the art of dealing with most hardships. But as they experienced what it feels like to plummet to the very bottom from the top of the world overnight, JYJ have earned the precious opportunity to grow. They all seemed optimistic as they said the following statements.

“We don’t get stressed about most things. It’s like we’ve become used to it and aren’t bothered by it. Getting mad wouldn’t benefit us in any way. In our opinion, all we need to is just focus on our own work. We feel grateful at even the smallest of things. In the past, we would sometimes get annoyed at the small things but we’ve changed completely.”

JYJ, who set out to tour the world, took time out to enjoy themselves this summer. After the KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ (T/N: I think he means ‘Miss Ripley’ since he’s talking about the summer but… eh :/), Yoochun didn’t have any individual activities so he went down to Busan and had fun going out to sea to fish. When Jaejoong wasn’t filming for the SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’ or recording songs in their studio, he spent most of his time at home. Junsu was the most active of the three. After appearing in a musical, he made a short cameo appearance in the SBS drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ and has been actively engaged in playing for the idol soccer team FC MEN. Thanks to this, he become close friends with Kim Hyun Joong and B2ST’s Du Jun and Gi Kwang.

JYJ have prepared a special tour along with this album. A Europe tour. On the 29th of this month, JYJ will perform in Barcelona, Spain at the Palau Sant Jordi Stadium and will then fly to Berlin, Germany to perform at the Tempodrom on the 6th of November. They also plan to participate in a variety of volunteer work at the same time. We listened to what they had to say about their future plans.

“You could think of the Europe tour as a separate entity from the world tour that we’ve been a part of till now. We’ve been receiving love calls from many countries in Europe, including Spain, for a while now, but we feel that the timing is finally right to pursue a concert there. It’s like when we’re asked to become honorary goodwill ambassadors; it doesn’t happen just because we want it to. Whenever we get a call to do something, we think of it in a positive manner and we pursue it if it fits with our schedule. We’ve been able to do the things we’ve done till now because their timing was appropriate. We’re thankful to even be given such opportunities. We want to keep giving back and sharing what we can.“

Coming together as one through music and working individually as actors, JYJ have been running non-stop till now. They emphasized their wish to perform as a group that shares their love and forever remembers the touching moments their fans gifted them with at concerts.

Source: [sports world]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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