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[TRANS] 111007 Seoul Metropolitan Government Says, “JYJ Fans, We Apologize”

The city of Seoul posted a tweet of apology to JYJ’s fans on its official Twitter account on the 6th.

It was a response to a complaint that one of the banners that Seoul is using is very similar to the advertisement that fans created to support JYJ.

On the 6th, JYJ fans began tweeting that the phrase ‘Seoul Supports Its Youth!’, which is used by the Seoul metropolitan government, is extremely similar in both content and font with the JYJ support ad, ‘JYJ, We Support Your Youth’.

When these complaints reached the Seoul metropolitan government, it denied the plagiarism claims as it tweeted, “‘Seoul Supports its Youth’ is a common phrase that has been used many times in the past as a project that supports the dreams and hopes of Seoul citizens. The font is one that is open to anyone to use as one of Naver’s shared fonts.”

They continued to state, “Though this campaign is unconnected to JYJ, it is extremely unfortunate that we have caused a misunderstanding with JYJ’s fans,” and “We will respect the opinion of JYJ’s fans and we plan to change the advertisement in question with another.

A representative of Seoul’s New Media stated, “The banner in question was posted a couple of days ago to be tested on the mobile version of our site,” and “We are currently not using it.”

The metropolitan government of Seoul made personal apologies to Twitterians who made the complaints such as @cir*****, @ma****** and @JYJ****.

After receiving an apology, @ma***** said, “Seoul metropolitan city tweeted that it would change the ad. I don’t want to blow this issue out of proportion and I’d like it to stop here….” On the other hand, @JYJ**** continued to bring up suspicions as she said, “Show us specific instances in which you have used the banner in the past.“

Twitterians who heard this news were also split in their reactions.

@sun**** welcomed the ‘efficient solution of the issue’ while @pe**** said, ‘How is this unconnected when you’ve copied someone else’s phrase without receiving prior consent?! This is a clear instance of plagiarism!’

The JYJ fans and the person who runs the Seoul metropolitan government’s Twitter account came to an agreement to delete all the tweets that were made regarding the complaints.

A fan who participated in the JYJ advertisement stated to ‘News1′ that, “I hope this issue doesn’t get blown out of proportions. It was an advertisement that we pursued with the pure intent of supporting JYJ, and it hurts to see fans heavily criticized because of it.”

Posts criticizing the fans of JYJ have been posted on various portal sites that say, ‘The phrase has been used multiple times in the past yet they act like they invented it or something
(Shin **)’, ‘Do you own that phrase?? (Yun **) and ‘Why did they apologize?
This is ridiculous (Seo **).’

JYJ’s fans collected 150 million Won and released and advertisement to support JYJ in their lawsuit against SM Entertainment. This advertisement was placed on buses in major cities across the nation, including Seoul, for a month from the 28th of January.

Source: [money today]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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