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[TRANS] 111019 JYJ · KBS “Music Bank” Appearance Battle Enters Round Two

The battle between JYJ and KBS to appear on broadcasts have entered round two.

KBS is still maintaining a conservative stance on the appearance of JYJ. After announcing their stand for a second time this May, they now cite the fact that JYJ is “currently involved in a lawsuit” as the reason, the same viewpoint that they had mentioned in May.

In May this year, KBS, in response to the audiences on why JYJ was unable to appear on Music Bank, expressed that “JYJ is currently doing artist activities while having two contracts, and we have decided that allowing them to appear on broadcasts in such a situation would potentially interfere with the progress and order of our cultural industry”

Following that, JYJ expressed, “The courts have ruled that JYJ’s contract was unilaterally unfair, and ruled that contract to be nullified,” and requested that KBS change their stance, but KBS removed the earlier message, and then announced that “JYJ did not officially release and album, and therefore is unable to appear. When the album is released, they would of course be able to enter the charts,” changing their official stance.

However, recently JYJ released their official album, but were not allowed on “Music Bank,” and were unable to enter the charts as well. On the message boards, audiences have been leaving an increasing number of comments on this issue.

Following which, KBS announced, “With the official album and the temporary injunction, the situation has changed, but so far the injuction as well as the effectiveness of the various exclusive contracts, compensations and various lawsuits are still underway, and these have nothing to do with the ruling of the temporary injunction. We maintain our stand on the appearance of celebrities currently involved in a lawsuit, and until a conclusion is reached, we will continue to monitor the situation’s progress,” reiterating their stand.

The JYJ side once again protested. JYJ’s management company said, “KBS’s denial of their official reply to the public which was made in May, which was uploaded onto the message boards, is very regrettable. We have very strong objections to this reply on the message boards.”

They also said, “Despite JYJ being in the midst of a lawsuit to correct the unfair contracts that violates the artists’ rights, the courts have twice sanctioned JYJ’s activities despite the lawsuit. If KBS maintains their above position, then we would like them to present evidence that all appearing artists have been evaluated with the same standards.”

They stressed that “If KBS respects the sanctity of the court’s decision, then please protect JYJ’s freedom to do their artist activities, as ruled by the court. We feel that this should be the true responsibility of KBS.”

Source : [BaiduJYJ + Nocutnews]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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