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[TRANS + AUDIO] 111028 Jaejoong’s Appearance on Kanghee’s Radio, Full-Cut

Kanghee called Jaejoong and Jisung with the guest star Jihye on her daily radio show “Pump Up the Volume.” The below is the full cut and transcript!

KANGHEE: There is a commotion asking where Jaejoong ssi and Jisung ssi are, should we connect [with Jaejoong] through phone now? Guess where Jaejoong ssi is.
JIHYE: I know he’s abroad.
JIHYE: Hmm, Europe?
KANGHEE: He’s in Spain. I’m not sure whether he can take the call but I’ll try calling him. Ah, I’m making a call right now. International call.

I’ll Protect You is playing as Jaejoong’s “coloring”

KANGHEE: Ah, it’s “I’ll Protect You”. I’m tearing up.
JIHYE: I’m reminiscing the past now.
KANGHEE: Call him Muwon-ah~
JIHYE: Ehehehehe

JIHYE: Huh? Huh? Hello?
JAEJOONG: Hello? Yeah? Who is this?
JIHYE: Hello? Muwon-ah~ Muwon-ah~ It’s me~ (Jaejoong laughs) It’s me, Muwon-ah~

JAEJOONG: Hahaha. Ah, nuna~
JIHYE: No, it’s not nuna. It’s me, it’s me, Nayoon.
JAEJOONG: Uh, who is this? Who is this? Oh, Nayoon? Oh, Jihye-yah~
KANGHEE: Jaejoong-ah, oh, Jaejoong ssi, it’s Wang Jihye ssi.
JIHYE: How have you been, Kim Jaejoong ssi?
JAEJOONG: Have you been well?
KANGHEE: Ah, this is really awkward
JAEJOONG: It’s awkward because we’re using the honorific.
KANGHEE: Muneu-nim~
KANGHEE: Are you in Spain right now?
JAEJOONG: Haha! where are you now? Where are you now? [T/N: Jaejoong’s using Ban Mahl, a non-honorific language only friends or family use with one another. Unless you’re very close, usually coworkers or people with a big age difference use Jon Dae Mahl, the honorific. After this, Jaejoong starts using Jon Dae Mahl.]

KANGHEE: Please use the honorific. We’re on air right now.
JIHYE: We’re on the radio.
JAEJOONG: Ahahaha, oh we’re on air.
KANGHEE: We’re on air live,
JAEJOONG: Oh, it’s live?
KANGHEE: Please say hello to our “Volume” family.
JAEJOONG: Oh, yes. Hello, I’m Jaejoong. Mm, [I’m] in Spain now. I’m taking on the phone in the middle of practicing hard to prepare for the concert.
KANGHEE: Woo hoo! What time is it over there right now?
JAEJOONG: Right now here, hold on a second, it’s about 2:50.
KANGHEE: Oh~ in the afternoon? I see. Have you eaten yet?
JAEJOONG: Yes~ I ate. We ate Korean lunch box. [T/N: He says “Ae~” in a childlike manner instead of more formal “Neh”.]Personally I found it really really adorable.]
KANGHEE: Ah, did you eat Korean lunch box? Hahaha.
JAEJOONG: Hahaha, who’s there right now? Who’s there right now? [T/N: Jaejoong switches to non-honorific language suddenly because he forgot he was on air]
KANGHEE and JAEJOONG bursts out laughing.
JIHYE: Using ban mahl on air.
JAEJOONG: Oh right, we’re on air.
KANGHEE: This boy is really funny, too, everyone.
JIHYE: He’s almost as off the wall as me.
KANGHEE: Yes. Who says I’m four-dimensional? That doesn’t make sense. Jaejoong is the true four-dimensional [person].
JIHYE: I’m exploding [in laughter]. What to do?
JAEJOONG: Ah, who and who is there right now?
KANGHEE: Right now, there’s Wang Jihye ssi and me, just the two of us.
JAEJOONG: Oh really, how about Jisung hyung?
KANGHEE: I don’t know. Hahaha. Our listeners would have been so sad if Jaejoong ssi didn’t pick up the phone.
JIHYE: Would have been depressed.
JAEJOONG: Oh, really? Ah, in fact I’ve been waiting for the call.
KANGHEE: In the drama, Jihye ssi and Jaejoong ssi was a couple, right?
KANGHEE: Why don’t you converse with each other.
JAEJOONG: Ah, yes. OK.
JIHYE: Hahaha. Is Spain nice? I’ve really wanted to visit. Eat a lot of yummy food.
JAEJOONG: This is really really awkward. Hahaha
JIHYE: This is awkward.
KANGHEE: Didn’t you say you wanted to talk about something else before?
JIHYE: Yes, no… this time…
JAEJOONG: Ah, this is really awkward.
JIHYE: No…yes… I’m sorry about the past… [T/N: I think this is Jihye being her usual four-dimensional self. I have no idea what she is apologizing for. Jaejoong starts laughing hard here]
KANGHEE: Everyone, I’ll clear any misunderstanding up next time.
JIHYE, JAEJOONG and KANGHEE: (explode laughing) Hahahahaha
KANGHEE: Jaejoong ssi, you’re busy and don’t have much time. Please say a long good bye to “Volume” family.
JAEJOONG: Hahaha.How come you’re not saying anything [to me]?
KANGHEE: Ppal li Ppal li [T/N: Ppal li’s verbatim trans is quick or fast. KANGHEE is asking JAEJOONG to hurry up.]
JIHYE: You need to hurry up. Right now, ppal li ppal li.
JAEJOONG: Oh we’re running out of time because this is live.
KANGHEE: Ah, please come on our show next time.
JAEJOONG: Dear “Volume” family, please continue to love Kanghee nuna. Actually, Kanghee nuna and Jihye don’t contact me very much,
KANGHEE: Chi, see what he’s saying.
JAEJOONG: Hahaha, Ah actually they contact me all the time. We’ll continue to maintain our good relationship [that was formed] through this drama. [T/N: In the middle of Jaejoong’s sentence, you hear either Junsu or Yuchun in the background going “Jaejoong ee hyung ah~” and Jaejoong starts laughing hard.]
KANGHEE: Ok, that’s good. Good bye. Have a good concert.
JIHYE: Take heart.
JAEJOONG: Thank you. You take heart, too. Yes~ (Jaejoong’s voice faded out here)
KANGHEE: We hung up on him in the middle of his sentence. Oh no, we also want to talk to Jisung on the phone, too. We pushed over The Great Muneu-nim. I’m sorry, I’m trying to explain. We’ll try calling Jisung ssi now.
JI SUNG: Hahaha
JIHYE: You went to Japan to meet Jaejoong. [But] you’re not going out with each other.
JI SUNG: People might think we’re going out if they saw us.
JIHYE: Cha-Cha couple shook [everyone’s] heart.
JI SUNG: I went to see Jaejoong and take care of business. When I went to see Jaejoong, our Jaejoong was contributing to Hallyu Wave very much. As his friends, shouldn’t we cheer for him?
KANGHEE: Of course. We’ll cheer for him hard, Jisung ssi.
JI SUNG: You’ve already talked to Jaejoong.
JI SUNG: Has he finished his Spain concert successfully?
KANGHEE: Oh I’ll call you about that later.
KANGHEE: We’re running out of time quickly, so please bid adieu to everyone now.

Source: @lunjij
Translation Credit: @MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Uploaded and Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.

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