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--♥ [TRANS] 100405 ♥--
--♥ Song Yujun's Blog Update ♥--

T/N: This is a continued story from here.

2010.04.13 15:34:09

Sending all of your signatures to the Fathers

Your signatures were safely delivered
to one of the parents!

Junsu's father said "I received them for certain."
I heard the report from the two representatives
T/N: of the fans, who directly delivered the signature)

Good work!
Junsu's father stated the 5 members' activities together as

"That is my hope, too. I am ready for the discussions…"

Now the remaining is
Yunho's father.
I have thought and thought…

And, I have made a request to Kigoshi-san.
(T/N: Yu Kigoshi. He has collected the fans'
encouragement comments in Korean and English
Yunho and Yunho's father,
and sent them to
Yunho’s father in January.)

Kighoshi-san has a plan to meet
Yunho's father in the near future…
I thought it would be the best to ask Kigoshi-san.
T/N: There were articles in both Kigoshi's and
Song's blogs a few days ago that they met together.)

For the comeback of the 5 members,
under the current situations…it would be the fastest if
Yunho and Changmin can get out of their management company.

Since the 3 are at law…it is difficult for them to go back.

I believe
Yunho's and Changmin's father anger
was caused because they thought the best for
Yunho and Changmin
Please! We do not know what we can do, but lets keep trying!

Let's stop all the bashing, and quietly follow the 5 members(^O^)

Everyone knows the bonds of the members.
Some of you may favor especially one of the members,
but we met not only one of the members,
but the
Tohoshinki, the group of 5 members…
Yes. Please keep in mind the bonds between us and
the 5 Tohoshinki members!

Let's hang in!

Source: Korean Entertainmet Story ~by Song
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com
{ One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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