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[NEWS]110720 JYJ’s Yoochun gets diagnosed with shingles

It was recently revealed that JYJ’s Yoochun is suffering from herpes zoster, more commonly known as ’shingles’.

On July 20th, a representative from his agency stated, “Yoochun was diagnosed with shingles last week while filming for ‘Miss Ripley‘. His face is fine, but he has rashes on his chest and back. Due to his busy filming schedule this past week, he has been suffering from overwork and stress, which led to a weakened immune system and his illness.”

Yoochun recently wrapped up filming for MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ on the 18th, and is currently receiving treatment while completing his other schedules.

The representative added, “It would be best for him to get some rest in a hospital, but he’s receiving treatment in between schedules that we could not avoid.”

As to why Yoochun did not show up to the ‘Miss Ripley’ after party, the representative explained, “He truly wanted to attend, but was unfortunately away filming for an advertisement. He was in an extremely weak state even during the filming. We do apologize that he wasn’t able to make it to the afterparty.”

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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