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July 20, 2011

We have not thrown away our hearts

Who did those things… I am surprised by the lack of delicacy to protect the magazine, and also the lack of risk management.…

But, do you think that those who were involved in the filming have all thrown away their hearts?

The person who wrote the wonderful article.. the person who took these nice photos..do you think that they will abandon it as a whole?

There are ones who bow to the pressure…it cannot be helped, and we cannot blame them.
On the contrary, there are ones who have the strong will, that they would never bow to those pressures.

For instance, the charity concert in June… it was realized by the ones who will not bow to pressure, though they have become weary (T/N: in order to realize the concert).

The people who are supporting the 3 members are those kinds of people.
Same as the 3 members who are climbing up a steep mountain. They are climbing up steeper mountains. Please do keep that in your mind.

No blames to those who spread the pictures.
They should have been sad thinking that the pictures were thrown away.
Maybe it was anger, that such things should not be overlooked.
Maybe they wanted everyone to see their carefree smiles.
Maybe they wanted the public to know about the article and photos, full of the 3 members' feelings.

But I am very sorry that…the article and photo which was waiting for its turn (which should come soon), was distributed in its torn shape worldwide.

No, no, please do not be sad… I have written by myself, too.
We should enjoy the steep mountains!!!

Because, we can see the light beyond the mountains.

(asian9437 at 10:49)

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