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[NEWS]110725 Interview with JYJ's JaeJoong in Khan News

Khan News recently held an interview with Kim Jaejoong. The interview discussed the premise behind "Protect the Boss," as well as the preparations and anxiety that Jaejoong had to face for the drama. The translated article from Khan News can be found below:

Because he had been spending his entire day filming for his drama "Protect the Boss," he did not even have time to eat at all. However, he also said that he did not have much of an appetite anyway. Although Jaejoong has maintained his image of being a singer, this will be his first time acting in a drama. Because of this, he is actually very nervous.

August 3rd will mark the debut of Jaejoong as a 2nd generation businessman, Cha Muwon, in the drama "Protect the Boss". Although Jaejoong has acted in the telecinema "Heaven's Postman" and in the Japanese drama, "Sunao Ni Narenakute," since this will be his first Korean drama, this can still be seen as his first time acting in a drama.

Jaejoong stated, "During the JYJ World Tour, I was reading the script for this drama and I thought it was hilarious. The writers have taken a normally serious business setting and turned it into something very fun. I also like the fact that each character seems to have their own role that breathes life into the drama."

"Protect the Boss" is a romantic comedy that centers around the protagonist, Eunsul, played by actress Choi Kanghee, who is a freeloader that begins to work in the business industry with hilarity ensuing. Jaejoong's role of Cha Muwon is a bit foolish but is also a "chadonam" (cold and chic city guy). This character is someone who may have the same qualities as Joowon from "Secret Garden" and Dok Gojin from "The Greatest Love". For this reason, Jaejoong purposely did not watch those two dramas. Instead of watching those dramas, Jaejoong ended up watching the movie "Mutt Boy" many times. After watching veteran actors like Kim Gabsoo, who is currently acting in the sitcom "All My Love," Jaejoong thought that would also want to try roles similar to what he saw in the movie.

Although Yoochun is a fellow member of Jaejoong in JYJ, he is still a sunbae in terms of dramas as he has acted in both "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Miss Ripley". Jaejoong said, "I get lots of questions about whether I will be able to do better than Yoochun. This is, of course, a lot of pressure for me, but Yoochun is my sunbae. When Yoochun was filming for dramas, he had to deal with a 'death schedule'. Because of this, Yoochun told me, 'Hyung, it's your turn to die'."

Kim Jaejoong has also shown his abilities in being a director. In the recent JYJ World Tour Concert 2011 and Son Yeonjae's (the female gymnast) rhythm gymnastics show, Jaejoong showed his abilities in directing to everyone. Because he was also a singer who would be performing on the stage that he was directing for, he was able to think of many ideas for the performance.

Although there have been many opportunities for Jaejoong to show off his abilities in many different areas, he still feels sad. This sadness is also felt by his other JYJ members. This is because they are not able to promote their songs freely as other singers do.

Jaejoong stated, "Although we have lots of issues with our activities as a singer, we have tried to accept and deal with these problems. Luckily, we have been trying other fields, like acting and musicals, and we are able to learn a lot from these experiences. I believe that it is very fun to find where my talents lie as I go through life. Even if it's a small thing, if I am able to find the joy in it, I can make other people watching happy as well."

Source: Khan
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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