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[TRANS] 110719 Nicofarre Opening Event – Interview + #1 Ratings With Over 1 Million Views!

-Nicofarre’s previous name, Velfarre, was actually the venue where Tohoshinki held their commemoratory event for the release of your 6th Japanese single “Begin” in August 2006
Yunho: “It’s been a long time. The decorations have changed and it’s become more beautiful.

-With regards to your new single “Superstar” to be released on July 20
Yunho: Firstly, this song’s name is “Superstar” with a significant feeling of “I want to be become your superstar” in it.
Changmin: It’s a very stylish song, so it’s a dance piece that can turn this summer into a cool one.
Yunho: The “your” represents everyone. As long as it’s your wish, we want to fulfil them all.

-With regards to Niconico’s animation
Yunho: I regularly use the internet, but through this event was I able to learn of Niconico animation. Everyone can participate in the reviews and ratings, so it’s really awesome.

-What do you want to do by taking advantage of Niconico animation?
Changmin: Although this may be a little mischievous, I’d type in the subtitles “I am Changmin~” in our MV.
Yunho: “I would want to write the review “So handsome” for our MV.

-Yunho is recently using acidic health supplements to get rid of your fatigue. Compared to before, is it harder to disperse your fatigue now?
Changmin: Although we’re pretty young right now, our physical stamina is decreasing in correlation to our increasing age.
Yunho: (laughs)

-With regards to this year’s summer in Japan
Changmin: Really hot. Ways to escape the heat is to eat well, sleep well, and do things of interest. Also constant consumption of cold food.
Yunho: I use exercise to conteract the heat.
Changmin: He really is a man.

In addition, with Tohoshinki’s appearance on Nicofarre, the ratings shot to #1. During the live broadcast, 697 029 people watched it online. The total number of people is 1 075 801!

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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