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[TRANS] 110626 Kim Jaejoong Turns Into A Director, Drama Shooting Images Show His Cool Side

Kim Jaejoong showed a cool performance for SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday Drama “Protect The Boss,” attracting the attention of audiences.

Taking over after “City Hunter” ends, “Protect the Boss” which airs on 3 August talks about the female lead who was struggling with finding employment, and eventually becomes the secretary to the male lead, an unruly son of a chaebol family, which leads to a series of incidents that are sweet, insane, happy and lighthearted. This romantic comedy is directed by Son Jung Hyun of “Lovers in Paris,” “Temptation of an Angel,” “First Wives’ Club” and written by Kwong Ki Young, and is highly anticipated.

Playing the role of the “Prince of the Financial World” Cha Mu Won is Kim Jaejoong, who has recently been able to express his role’s cool image perfectly for the drama.

In mid-July, while shooting a scene at the conference room in Seongnam City Hall, Kim Jaejoong who does not usually use technical jargon, kept studying the script and materials, while discussing with the production team about where he was to stand during the shoot and was practiced repeatedly.

Once director Son Jung Hyun called for the actual shoot to start, Kim Jaejoong stood in front of the various “directors” in the drama and performed smoothly, completing the scene without any NGs, his presentation skills surprising the production crew.

One of the related staff said, “Kim Jaejoong was in America from April to June, and was doing his concert tour in Canada, Asia and such. During then, he also took on the role of director, and after the concerts, he received a standing ovation from the staff. This same passion and sincerity was displayed during the filming of this drama.

“Protect The Boss” stars Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong, Wang Ji Hye as well as Park Yong Kyu, Cha Hwa Yun, Kim Chung as well as others. The first episode will be aired at 9.55pm on 3 August.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Osen]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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