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[TRANS] 110713 Kim Jaejoong: I’ve Recovered, Please Do Not Worry For Me

Kim Jaejoong accepted an interview with Sports Chosun in the afternoon on the 12th . He revealed, “The wound on my arm has almost recovered, and the scar is much smaller now. It’s nothing worth worrying about.”

Fans of Kim Jaejoong were much worried when he was bitten by a poisonous bug during his trip to Vietnam in June. With regards to this matter, Kim Jaejoong said, “I was at loss of what to do at that time. It’s not a big wound, and it has almost recovered now after a long period of time. I suppose the scar will disappear soon too.”, he proceeded to show off his arm, and it is indeed almost impossible to spot the scar.

Kim jaejoong had attended the “Asian Dream Cup” during mid June with Park Ji Sung in Vietnam, and was bitten by the poisonous bug during the event. He had been receiving treatment since he returned to Korea, and the wound has much recovered.

Kim Jaejoong is much excited and looking forward to his new actor identity. He will be acting in the SBS drama series “Protect The Boss” as “Prince of Finance World”- Cha Mu Won. The drama will make its debut on the 3rd next month.

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