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[TRANS] 110714 Park Yoochun's Personal Recount - "Follow Me Into My Life As An Actor"

For a while, JYJ's World Tour Concerts and Miss Ripley's filming schedule coincided, so I was really tired, but there were so many great responses, so my fatigue disappeared. My acting is still lacking in areas, but everyone has been so tolerant of me, so I want to thank them. In order to intricately express Song Yu Hyun, who painstakingly tries to overcome his pain, I've temporarily put aside "Park Yoochun" and only lived in the drama. Immersing so into the character makes me a little worried as to how I'm going to return to reality after the drama ends.

1. Currently engrossed in my emotions. Recently, the plot has been troubling me you know? I've come to understand the feeling after you've deeply loved a woman. Immersing into the character, I feel as nervous as if I'm standing on the "I Am Singer" stage.

2. Currently watching a scene that had just finished filming. Although I've encountered many stages during my group activities, I still feel that my acting looks a little awkward. Ah, my eye expressions don't seem to be right in this scene... Director, one more!

3. Temporary break in filming. This is my acting coach Director Choi. It's hard acting a really deep and emotional scene. Aish, director, sorry. T . T

4. This is the happy date-scene that was filmed with senior Lee Da Hae. Ah, other than MV's and drama dates, it would be great if I had an actual girlfriend.

5. On the left is the 'Miss Ripley' scriptbook. Can you see the lines I used a highlighter to mark? The actor Park Yoochun who is looking at the script again and again.

6. On the right is me playing in the waiting room, waiting for the next scene. This is the so-called "Lazy Person Arm Stretching Method." I would use this method occasionally when I want to stretch my body and exercise a little.

7. A picture with Teacher Jang Yong who acts as my father, the chairman of Mondo Corporation! Even though I NG, he would patiently wait until I do well. He's a "great-senior" that I'm really thankful of.

8. "Oh! Cool guy!" Can you feel my wild charisma yet? This is the man, Park Yoochun's real image. Acting with complicated emotions plus exerting effort into my muscles. This scene was really hard!

9. Yongin's open-shooting. I really want to thank all the Japanese fans that came here to see me. Complying with the rules while watching the filming taking place, I'm really grateful.

10. B-group's Director Choi Weon Seok. It's really tough filming outside on a hot day. The lady behind me who is vigorously fanning me and wiping away my sweat is my stylist.

11. This is me sleeping in the waiting room. The sleeping Park Yoochun who is keeping the already styled hairstyle intact, this photo that emits a professional aura.
12. The long fan that cools down the back of your head. Our staff is working hard.
13. This is the Micky fan, because it has the Micky logo on it.

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