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[TRANS] 110720 JYJ’s KBS Cancellation Has Damaged Korea’s Image? International Fans Say, “We Won’t Buy Korean Products”

A controversy is expanding at a rapid rate as KBS yet again cancelled JYJ’s upcoming performance. Domestic fans have more to worry about than just that as international fans began criticizing Korea’s image, broadcasting system and Jeju Island.

JYJ’s performance on KBS’ ‘Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World Nomination Special Program’ was suddenly cancelled. Not only this, but the controversy deepened when girl groups from SM Entertainment, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu’s former agency, replaced JYJ. According to JYJ’s agency, KBS never stated a specific reason as to why JYJ were being pulled out of the performance.

KBS, who posted on their viewers’ thread that it would be impossible to allow JYJ to appear on its entertainment programs due to the group’s lawsuit with SM Entertainment in May, has come up to the chopping block once more.

Amidst all of this, posts made by international fans on various domestic portal sites are becoming a hot topic. Most of these fans stated that they began to love Korea because of JYJ and were now thoroughly disappointed by the current situation.

One Egyptian fan stated, “I came to love Korea because of JYJ and I even bought Korean products when I wanted electronic goods,” and “But now I only love JYJ, I don’t love Korea. The fact that JYJ are being treated unfairly because of a greater force is driving me crazy with anger.” A netizen who said she was Australian said, “After I became a fan of JYJ, I began learning lots of things about Korea and I fell for its charm,” and “But because of this event, international fans are worried that there are irrational evils within the Korean entertainment industry and we are enraged. I won’t buy Korean products.”

Fans from other parts of the world criticized the recent event with slightly harsh words as they said, “I was planning on visiting Jeju Island but I will never go anymore” and “How cheap is Korea’s image right now?” Domestic netizens and JYJ fans who saw these reactions are now very worried.

Netizens who read such posts stated, “I’m embarrassed. I don’t particularly like or pay attention to JYJ, but seeing these posts so often makes me feel embarrassed”, “KBS is ruining Korea’s image”, and “Hallyu is a form of cultural diplomacy but who cares if our diplomacy is great when our image is being damaged from the inside?

Domestic fans are having the same thoughts. One domestic fan expressed her fears as she said, “As international fans began to like Korea because of JYJ, I worry that they will start hating Korea because of this JYJ situation,” and “I find myself unable to say anything to them, except to hope that they don’t start hating everything about Korea.” Another domestic fan exclaimed, “The international fans know everything that is going on domestically. They’ve had to cancel of their flight and hotel reservations that they had made to watch JYJ perform. Not only did KBS miss out on a chance to bring in foreign money, but they’re also a disgrace to Korea.“

Through this situation, not only has KBS damaged its own reputation, but that of Korea as well in the eyes of international fans. Regarding this, KBS stated, “It is our right to choose who performs,” and “We are planning on releasing our official statement once the concert ends on the 20th.”

Source: [sports seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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