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City of Seoul apologizes to JYJ fans for similar advertisements

The City of Seoul recently apologized receiving numerous complaints from JYJ fans. The fans accused the city of plagiarizing their ads for their own use.

The issue rises from the similarities present in both of their ad campaigns, from the fonts to the similar quotes used in both banners. The JYJ ad says, “We support JYJ’s youth,” while Seoul’s banner reads, “Seoul supports the youth”.

After complaints started flooding in, Seoul posted an official response, saying, “The words on the banner is an ordinary expression which had been used in the past for projects supporting dreams and hope. The font is also a public font from Naver. Although this campaign has no relation with JYJ, it is saddening that we have caused confusion for their fans. Respecting their wishes, we will plan to replace the font for the selected banners.”

JYJ fans were split over the issue, with one person remarking “A clean wrap-up to the situation” while others were more disgruntled, saying, “What do you mean, there’s no relation?! This is definitely a copied advertisement, and it is plagiarism!”

What do you think? Is this a simple case of overlap, or did Seoul take a page from the JYJ fans’ handbook?

Source: Money Today via Naver
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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