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[NEWS]111007 Choi Gang Hee compliments Jae Joong, “he is a natural-born actor”

Choi Gang Hee complimented Kim Jae Joong’ acting.

At the interview with TV Report on the 5th, she said, “he was really good, wasn’t he?” for the question about Kim Jae Joong.

In the recently ended drama SBS’s Protect the Boss, Choi Gang Hee performed as Roh Eun Sul with Ji Sung as Cha Ji Hun and Kim Jae Joong as Cha Mu Won.

Kim Jae Joong, debuting as an actor in domestic drama, received favorable reviews throughout the episodes.

Choi Gang Hee said, “Jae Joong’s actual personality is very different from Cha Mu Hun which even made me think that it could be easier for him if he took the role as Cha Ji Hun. I also thought it would be really pressuring since this was his first drama in Korea. If I were him, it would definitely be very pressuring. But he did well. Even though we got our scripts piece by piece, he did well.”

She added, “even after our first script reading everyone was worried about Jae Joong, but I felt he was good. So I just told our director to leave him as he was because he would be fine if we just let him do the acting in his style. I thought it could be worse if we commented on every little thing such as the way he spoke and the way he walked, so I left him as he was, and he actually did very well. I think he is a natural-born actor.”

She emphasized, “I never worried about Jae Joong. He is always relaxed on the set. Ji Sung and I have been acting for so long that we act almost mechanically but Jae Joong acts spontaneously which made us all very surprised. The editors really fell in love with him.”

Choi Gang Hee is currently reviewing scripts for her next drama or movie while hosting a radio program and taking a break.

Source: TV Report
Posted By:Sayuri JaeJoong♥

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