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1. Is it allowed to queue in the venue days before the concert?

- Yes, it’s allowed to queue days before the concert.

2. Is it allowed the entrance of people under 16 years old or will they need a paternal permission?

- People older than 16 years old according to the Catalonian law can go without companion. People under 16 must go with their parent or tutor.

3. Will there be a JYJ merchandising stand inside the venue?

- Yes, official merchandising will be sold inside the venue.

4. Will it be allowed the entrance of cameras inside the venue?

- NO, the entrance of cameras inside the venue is not allowed

5. Will there be a meeting point inside the venue where gifts for JYJ can be left?

- Yes, there will be a place with staff where you can leave the presents for JYJ. It will be in the entrance.

6. Which kind of objects can we enter to the concert? (posters, food, bottles)

- Posters won't be allowed. Neither bottles with cap or hard objects.

7. What is the duration of the concert?

- The concert will last two hours and a half more or less.

8. People with VIP and Super VIP ticket will be in the same queue as General ones or there will be different queues?

- There will be two different queues. One for those with General tickets, and another one for VIP and Super VIP tickets.

9. Where will the toilets be?

- The toilets will be on the right of the principal entrance.

10. Will there be a runway as part of the stage?

- No, there won't be any runway. The infrastructure of the venue does not allow it.

11. How long in advance will it be necessary to be at the concert venue?

- The doors will open one hour before the concert starts, but people can exchange their ticket since the same day at 10.00h.

12. Will there be a meeting for fans to meet other fans? When and where?

-Asian Club has created a group in Facebook for fans to meet and organize themselves so they can visit Barcelona or go to the concert together: JYJ WORLD TOUR - BARCELONA http://www.facebook.com/groups/155505231206793/


1. Will there be more VIP and Super VIP tickets on sale?

- No, VIP and Super VIP tickets are totally sold out.

2. Are the tickets numbered?

- The VIP and Super VIP tickets are numbered. The tickets will be exchanged at the ticket office by order of arrival.

3. I have an e-ticket. Do I just have to print it, or do I have to do something else?

-To have access inside the venue you have to exchange your printed ticket for a bracelet in the ticket office that will be opened since 10.00h at Poble Espanyol.

This is a safer way to avoid false tickets. The organization has the right to request the ID Number or passport if we detect any anomaly.

4. Which is the difference between each type of ticket?

- The General tickets are standing ones.

- The VIP tickets:

Tour poster

Access inside the venue two hours before the concert


Seat in second and third row of VIP area

- The Super VIP tickets:

Tour poster


Access inside the venue two hours before the concert

A drink

Seat in first row of VIP area

The VIP and Super VIP access will have a different ticket office to exchange the ticket than the normal ones, also a different entrance.


1. Will there be any surprise with hotel pack?

- The organization has never said that there will be a surprise, the pack just makes easier booking the hotel and creates the opportunity for the fans for be together. Asian Club organization could prepare something.

2. What is included in hotel pack?

- The hotel pack includes hotel and/or flight. You can buy it together or not. You just have to contact with the travel agency and ask them what you want.

3. Will there be a bus service for the people with the hotel pack to go to the concert and go back to the hotel?

- There will be buses for organized groups of 50 persons that are staying far from the venue. However you should contact the travel agency.

4. How far is the venue from the hotel?
- It depends, as there are different hotels for the fans.

5. Which is the name of the travel agency and their contact? -The travel agency is: VIATGES ITINERARI. Tf: 932890780 Email: nacho@viatgesitinerari.com, sergi@viatgesitinerari.com


1. I have asked for a press pass for the concert. When will I get an answer?

- The press department is responsible for the press passes and decides who will receive it. If you have already contacted them, they will answer you as soon as they have the information.

2. Where will the party be held? Inside or outside the venue?

- This information has yet to be confirmed. We will publish all about it when it's confirmed.

3. The party will be about JYJ or k-pop?

- The party will be about k-pop in general.

4. Where is Poble Espanyol?

- Next to the “Plaza España” (Spain Square). There is a tutorial that shows you how to arrive there in “Poble Espanyol” album in JYJ WORLD TOUR 2011 Facebook page.

5. The bank transfer is available for people from Spain / Germany or from all the world?

- Just for Spain.

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