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[NEWS] 111021 Interior of JYJ Kim Jaejoong's House Exposed "I Want To Live With You~"

image jpg 1007-30
image jpg 1007-31

Photos of JYJ member Kim Jaejoong's house going public have become a hot topic.

Kim Jaejoong has publicly revealed his stylish home through the November issue of the interior design magazine [maison]. These pictures were revealed through [maison]'s Facebook page and became a big topic.

Jaejoong has also caught attention previously as he has shown his house through his Twitter account before. Jaejoong, who enjoys personally purchasing each and every one of the items used to decorate his house, showed off his neat and tidy home through these pictures.

[maison] said "Kim Jaejoong's house is a representation of an ideal home for single men in their 20s living alone, creating a 'mannish' atmosphere overall" and that "even during the filming period of the SBS TV drama [Protect the Boss], he checked the design meticulously. It gave off the feeling of a design collector and one could feel that he had good (design) sense. Through this assignment, we were able to work with him personally and it broke many preconceived notions about idols".

Photos of Kim Jaejoong's house will be revealed through the November issue of [maison], which commemorates its 17-year anniversary.

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