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[NEWS] 111004 JYJ's First Korean Album: 8 Songs Out Of 10 Are Self-Composed

The group JYJ has recorded their Korean songs into an album [In Heaven] and released it. JYJ is an idol group formed together by the ex-members of TVXQ - Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. Although they released their worldwide album [The Beginning] last year, in which they sang English songs, this is their first Korean album. As JYJ is in the midst of a contract dispute with their previous management SM Entertainment, records distribution companies have shown their disapproval in the release of their album.

The explosive popularity garnered by their Korean album has put an end to their troubles. Just the initial orders alone reached 300,000 copies and JYJ's album was launched in record stores with its own cash registers. During a press conference held on the 30th of the previous month, JYJ said, "While preparing the album, we came to understand how important it was that our fans are able to listen to our songs."

Out of the 10 songs in this album, 8 of the songs are self-composed by the members. They were directly involved even in the operational stages.

"Although we are still inexperienced in perfecting it, because we personally worked together to create this album, there's a lot of attachment to it." (Yoochun)

"We don't simply want to record all our self-composed songs. Our goal is to continue to release good songs." (Junsu)

The genres and sounds are also plentiful. The title track [In Heaven] and the song [Fallen Leaves] are heartrending ballads but the album is also overflowing with tracks filled with dance rhythms like [Mission] and [I.D.S], which are worthy of an idol group.

"There are a diverse number of genres because I wrote the songs according to how I felt that day. Even now I want to work (at composing) like crazy!" (Jaejoong)

JYJ will start touring Europe at the end of this month. They will hold the first ever solo concerts by Korean singers in Spain, Barcelona (29 Oct) and Germany, Berlin (6 Nov). They said, "It would be great if our European fans could sing our songs together with us."

Source: [JoongAng Daily News]
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